Essential Things School Management Software Should Have!

With a user-friendly interface, the School Management Software is perfect for anyone with just even the most basic knowledge of computer and you don’t need to rely on technical experts. Here are some essential things School Management Software should have to facilitate management of administrative activities in your institution:

  • Electronic Rollbook
  • Electronic Noticeboard
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy printing of class lists
  • Search Function
  • Document Storage
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Money Collection
  • Teachers Timetable

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How to Create & Upload Question Paper by using Online Test Software ?

Find the procedure of creating and uploading the question paper with the help of Addmen Online Test Software, particular video will demonstrate about how to create question paper and upload it on software.

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Benefits of Addmen OCR Software

Optical character recognition (OCR) software works with your scanner to change over printed characters into computerized content, permitting you to edit or update your record in a word processing program. Perused on to take in more about how to utilize OCR and the various advantages it has over traditional scanning.

Benefits of OCR

  • No more retyping

If you lose or incidentally delete a vital computerized record, for example, a proposal or receipt, yet at the same time have a printed copy, you can easily convert the hard copy into digital file by using OCR software to scan the original paper or latest draft.


  • Quick digital searches

OCR software changes over scanned content into a word processing record, giving you the chance to scan for particular archives utilizing a keyword or phrase.


  • Edit text

Once you’ve scanned your record using OCR, you have the choice to edit the content in of a word file of your choice.


  • Save space

Free up storage space by scanning hard copies of documents. You can without much of a stretch transform a important files into editable advanced documents, and can have back up into a single CD.


  • Accessibility

OCR software is easy to use. It can scan books, papers, magazines and other various documents into word file.

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Student Management Software – Modules and Uses

Most educational institutes rely on papers for student related administration activities. Right from filling the admission forms to managing the daily attendance to fee payments, all of these things are done manually. This system has been with us for several years; however, there are times when mistakes happen. But with Addmen’s student management software, there is no chance of any errors.

The student management software is also known as Enhanced Campus Automation System. This system has several modules which can manage all the administration activities with ease. It is possible to customize the Student Management Software as per your requirements.

  • The admission module is where you have the admission form. The fields in this form can be altered according to your needs.
  • The software is a great place to store all students’ details. These are easily accessible through the search button which also has several filters.
  • It also has an attendance module where teachers can record the attendance details of the students. This software also has the feature of generating different types of attendance reports.
  • With this software, it is possible to conduct online tests. Students can access the tests through their dashboard. Once the tests are done, the software evaluates the answers and also generates the reports for the same.
  • ECAS or this student management software can be used for hostel and transport management too.
  • Managing a library is also easy with this software. Here, you can make a list of the catalogues and record the transaction dates of every book.
  • The software also has a student dashboard which they can access using their login and password. Here they can take a look at their attendance, ID card, library details, test reports, etc. They can also pay their fees and get the receipts of the same here.
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School Management Software Module For School

The innovative progression of the recent century has made us dependent to machines. So is valid for educational organizations also. Consequently, depending on the requirement school management software has become very important. This School Management Software is a program including an immense database of framework that flawlessly controls the every day operation and working of the school with no manual mediation. While keeping a constant record of each transaction, this product electronically store a wide range of data including the information relating to students, staffs, educators and different procedures and strategies of a school. Ordinarily the product keeps running on Cloud innovation that offers remote access.

Few Modules of this software are listed below:

  1. Admissions
  2. Attendance
  3. Library
  4. Inventory
  5. Online Test
  6. Time Table
  7. Academics
  8. Enquiry

For more details visit: School Management Software

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Use of Library Management Software

The library management software offers the Library to keep up a list of the books, diaries and magazines as per the title of the book, writer’s name, date of distribution, volume number, list number, and so on. This makes it simple to search for the book utilizing diverse sorts of channels.

This product can likewise be utilized to keep a track of the books issued to the students. The points of interest of the books, including whom it is issued to, date of issue, date of returning, and so on can be recorded.

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The influence of Education Management Technology

The classroom looks not quite the same as it was 20 or 30 years ago. Presently, the education business has never been an outsider to experimenting with better approaches like Education Management Technology for learning. Yet, today we are seeing the fast acknowledgment and development of innovation in education. The technology impact exists and almost all levels in education. From first grade to college we see comparative tech devices and applications being utilized. Online education isn’t only useful for the learner, it advantages the organization too. Making this one stride advance these organizations can take an interest in the massive open online course stages to assist advance level in education. And of course these advance application are cost saving.

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Question Analysis Feature of Question Paper Generator Software

The question paper generator software allocates dynamic rating to the questions in the question bank. This rating depends on discrimination index, questions difficulty level. The software also keeps the track of number of questions attempted, correctly answered questions, etc. This feature can help both the student and teachers. Teachers can focus on the particular question which are difficult for the students.

More Features: Question Paper Generator Software

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Now Learn Anytime Anywhere by Using Education Management Software

If you are not able to attend a formal class, if you interested in learning but you failed to attend that particular class then we have solution to your problem. You can now learn anything anywhere by using Education Software. You can learn anything by just one mouse click. The education software supports all the classroom efforts. This software has various features to ease the learning process. Besides this software is user friendly also.

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What can you do with College Campus Automation Software?

  • Admissions

Admission process can be easily managed with the integration of college website.

  • ID card

Can create ID cards by using database of admission process.

  • Fee

Keeps the perfect record of fees paid by each student.

  • Library

Libraries can be managed with the help of this software

  • Exam reports

Can create exam reports of each semester, unit test and other tests conducted in colleges.

For further details visit: College Campus Automation Software

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