Maintain Online Question Bank Software Effortlessly

Addmen is one of the renowned software solution companies. We facilitate many educational organizations with our incredible and efficient software. Many of our client demands solution for maintaining the large question bank multiple choice questions. Maintaining this huge online question bank is little bit complicated task. It would impact intense processing load on the server. Because the questions are not merely text type. They might contain diagrams, formulas, pictures etc. so it will require enormous database space. If all applicants get some different questions, then it is not possible to evaluate the performance and estimate ranks on a single datum?

Hence we are here to give you the superior and commercial solutions to sustain an Online Question Bank. Online Exam Software is accessible as a clear stage where you can transfer your own particular online question papers. Addmen standard online test software does not give free online question bank. Conversely the Addmen offline question paper generator software can be utilized to produce a few online question papers which can be brought into the online question paper generator software to be utilized as online question bank by the online exam software.

This approach of utilizing the online test paper as online question bank limits the heap on the server for irregular choice of online inquiries from a huge online question bank for every applicant. Conversely every applicant gets an alternate question paper in light of the fact that the online question paper generator will utilize the uploaded question paper to rearrange and make different arrangements of a similar question paper for every applicant.


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  • Ballot papers are designed according to OMR specifications, with bubbles or check boxes for marking the votes.
  • Voters simply need to fill the bubbles, or put a tick mark or a cross-mark in the check boxes/circles provided, to cast their vote.
  • With the OMR software you can design black & white as well as 2-color sheets, containing the mandatory color black and a secondary color, which can be pink, orange, or water blue.
  • You can even design bilingual ballot papers.The ballot paper may contain multiple sections, to facilitate elections for several positions simultaneously. As we see in the sheet there are multiple  levels of elections (3 levels marked with Pink, Green and Blue boxes).

Pink Box = Circle Level Election

Green Box = Zonal Level Election

Blue Box = Regional Level Election

  • Each Level has multiple Posts.

Pink Box = Circle Level Election (2 posts C1 & C2)

Green Box = Zonal Level Election (3 posts M1, M2 and M3)

Blue Box = Regional Level Election ( 1 post R4)

  • Each post has multiple contestants.

Circle Level Post C1 = 5 contestants ( C11, C12,C13,C14,C15)

Circle Level Post C2 = 5 contestants ( C21, C22, C23, C24, C25)

Zonal Level Post M1 = 3 contestants ( M11, M12, M13)

Zonal Level Post M2 = 2 contestants ( M21, M22)

Zonal Level Post M3 = 2 contestants ( M31, M32)

Regional Level Post R4 = 2 contestants (R41, R42)

The bottom area has a perforated marking for tear-off counter foil, that can be given to voter as a for receipt of his vote.


COLUMN 1:Each read ballot sheet was given a Auto unique number at the time of reading. This is for unique control and location of hard copy for validation.

COLUMN 2A:Votes obtained by contestants of Circle Level Posts.(on every ballot sheet)

COLUMN 2B: Votes obtained by contestants of Zonal Level Posts.(on every ballot sheet)

COLUMN 2C: Votes obtained by contestants of Regional Level Posts.(on every ballot sheet)

COLUMN 3A/3B/3C:Total Votes caste-don every ballot sheet for every level of Posts. There is possibility to fix the number of maximum votes for a given post. If less or more votes are casted, the ballot is indicated as invalid. This condition varies from client to client and case to case.

COLUMN 4: Each read ballot sheet was pre-printed-with a bar code unique number which is also printed on the counter foil. So if a voter. This is for unique control and location of scanned copy and data for validation.

TOTAL: Gives the total votes received by a contestant and highlights the winning candidate with green.

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1)      There is a Score Card which the golf clubs have, either it is common provided by golf management, or varying, designed & printed by golf club themselves.

2)      This score card is filed by golfers and returned to the scoring officials.

3)      Currently the scoring team has to key in a lot of values from the Score cards to calculate scores, which is a very time consuming and tedious process.


1)      There is a predefined Score Card template which is printed centrally and golf management team brings with them when they go to conduct a tournament.

2)      At the tournament location/golf course a ‘Printer-Scanner-Software” combo shall be deployed.

3)      Participant will key in their details and a card will be printed and provided to them with their Unique ID. However this pre-printing exercise can be avoided if there is a general blank block to fill Golfer ID in terms of OMR bubbles.

4)      Participant will return the card to scoring desk where it will be scanned.

5)      After scanning, the total score for each card will be extracted by the software based on the golfer unique ID provided on the card.

6)      The scores (totals) for all the cards will be provided in a specified output format on screen or Excel file on the local PC.

7)      The scores (totals or even details) should and simultaneously uploaded to central online server. (Additional requirement to basic)

8)      From the new solution it only expected to get quick totals. Because result calculation is dependent on too many factors which are complicated.

9)      The solution has to be deployed at multiple locations.


We divide the process in 5 parts:

  1. Printing of Cards with Unique ID.
  2. OMR Reading of tally from the card to generate total scores.
  3. Providing in Excel on Local PC.
  4. Displaying in specific format on screen for golfers/lobby.
  5. Uploading to central server.

Parts B,C,E are already in place.

We have a OMR Software which is ready with following capabilities :

1)      It is capable of reading OMR format Score Cards.

2)      It is capable of reading Barcodes as unique golfer IDs.

3)      It provides details/totals in Excel.

4)      It also has a server version which uploads to central server with or without displaying locally as desired..

Parts A has 2 alternatives. Second alternative is more suitable.

At the golf location, the card must bear the unique golfer ID to be able to be identified.

Alternative 1:

Score Card template be fed in the system, when the golfer keys in his ID on screen, a Card is instantly printed out of the printer and bears golfer details. This alternative will have following posers:

  1. On-screen Interface required to key in details either by touch screen or keyboard.
  2. If the details are not keyed in using on-screen interface, then a real-time card swapping machine would be required at each terminal that would make it unnecessarily costly.
  3. Queuing at the counter.
  4. Dependency on printer. Susceptibility to Ink loss or smudging.
  5. In case a card is damaged, generation of new card would be typical.

Alternative 2: (Recommended)

A OMR based Score card will be designed and printed centrally, and shall be supplied uniformly to all locations.

  1. Besides the score tally area, the score card also has a OMR block for filling Golfer ID.
  2. The cards will not be unique, all will be similar.
  3. The pattern would be similar to the Exam Answer sheets used in competitive exams where student fill his Roll no.
  4. The golfer will fill his ID in the Golfer ID block.
  5. New card can be instantly used even if one is damaged.
  6. No dependency on printer or ink.
  7. No Queuing at the counter.
  8. No requirement for developing Part A of software as a special customization.

Part D will need customization, if the on-screen display has to be provided from our software.

Alternatively, if you have an already established mechanism for this, the output from the OMR software source file can be directly imported by your developer. This will not need any customization from our end.

Alternatively, it can be your webpage, which will be integrated with the server data and will show realtime data as received by the server.

Golfer ID:Either it can be filled as OMR bubbles or it can be pre-printed numbers using t variable data printing facility of the Addmen OMR Software.

Gross Score Columns:These are the columns for each of the 18 holes in which the player/scorer marks the number of shots it took the golfer to sink this hole.


The above chart is the raw data obtained after reading of several score cards, later this data can be presented into various formats.

  • Data can be uploaded to central database automatically which is accessed by several golf courses.
  • Data can be set to show up on a live display screen in the Golf Course Lounge.
  • Data can be set to show up on a live on Website or App.



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Addmen’s OMR sheet Sample for Practice

If you are a student preparing for the exams and tired of doing studies from the book then, Addmengroup is here to help you with our OMR sheet sample for practice. Practice is must whether it is a written exam or the exam in OMR format where you just have to fill the bubbles. OMR sheet have many rules that students need to recognize before appearing for the exams. If you follow that rules then you will be surely able to give OMR sheet format exams without any mistakes.

These days important competitive examinations like entrance test, recruitment tests etc are using OMR sheet format for the exam. A single mistake made by you can exhaust your future. So it is very vital to know every single rule about filling OMR sheet correctly. You can check for the OMR answer sheet sample at

At our website you will find OMR sheet samples of various types of exams like IIT JJE, NTSE, UGC-NET, TET, EAMCET and Maharashtra Scholarship Exam. We also provide the OMR sample copy for the recruitment tests like railway, National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), OFB, NITTTR, AFK and NFC. Students who are willing to appear for such exams can download that sample sheet and can practice with those sheets. The OMR sheet sample for practice provided by us is perfect for practicing. Some OMR sheets offered by us have the same pattern as the actual answer sheets in that particular exam.

So, start dreaming for your bright future, appear for the competitive examinations, practice with our OMR sheet sample and get the high scores.

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Online Test Software: Making Examination process easy

ECAS software automates the management of educational organization. A brilliant innovation, online examination programming has set up the entire examination framework.  This innovation is particularly useful for schools, colleges & universities. Utilizing this software, as an alternative of traditional paper based tests saves the time.  Because of the simple availability of computers and internet, this superior system for examination is broadly recognized in every academic organization. The online Test Software makes uploading tests fairly simple. Moreover, students have the choice to give the tests at a time that is suitable to them. The student dashboard for Online Examination Software is simple to access and utilize. .Online Examination programming is accurately formed by business specialists to acquire proficiency entire exam process.

Different preparations of question papers of each subject can be made by the support of online exam creator without wasting time and energy. This online examination software has online test practice section which helps students to perform well in their real exams. This PC based Online Examination Software is a haven for mentor and school organization who spend hours on question paper creation, checking answer papers, evaluating and making mark sheets of huge number of students. Addmen offer free Online Test Series and Online Practice Tests for students, with free Online Test series for Bank, IBPS, JEE, CAT, GATE, NEET etc. on actual online test system used by many institutes. Students can have a feel of the step-by-step procedure of Online Examination System start from online exam registration to the last part at online test results

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The Multiple Choice Test Maker Software to Ease The Exam Work.

Addmen’s multiple choice test maker software has facilitated a large number of foundations to enhance their examination procedure. With everything going quick track nowadays, what preferable answer for depend on over the multiple choice test software, to deal with your exam procedure!

With most universities and schools having turned to It solutions for setting up and dealing with their exam procedure, Addmen engineers present to you the most developed and secure multiple choice test software that gives you a chance to direct MCQ tests with ease. Mcq test is absolutely unmistakable Mcq test software. This sheet contained circle, egg shape, or some other game-plan. This omr test is direct and capable system for the planning.

Numerous extensive instructive bodies, including guiding classes and upcoming international schools have turned to MCQ test designs for leading their semester tests. Addmen’s multiple choice test maker software is compelling software that makes MCQ tests in a matter of minutes.

This software is actuality Addmen’s question paper generator software, which is the third module of the OMR software. Here are the steps that you have to follow to create the multiple choice test papers.

  • The question bank software must be arranged first. The inquiries and answers can be imported from effectively arranged Word and Excel documents.
  • The question paper generator has a board where you can set your necessities for the question paper and make an outline.
  • When you have picked your prerequisites (subject, point, section, number of inquiries, troublesome level, and so forth), the multiple choice test maker software picks the inquiries from the officially arranged question bank.
  • The questions with their choices or options are present in Word format which is printable.
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Addmen’s Election Management Software

Stressed over the forthcoming elections? Exhibiting the one-stop solution for all you’re polling related examination. Addmen’s Election Management Software is a one-stop solution for driving political parties/MPs/MLAs to handle their voting public data in profitable way. The software comprises all the important data of a particular voting public that each political group/MP/MLA needs to go forward towards the achievement. This Management Software helps the Political parties and Individual pioneers in dealing with the intricate information of the voting demography.

The election software furthermore oversees significant data of a specific body electorate like Caste-wise voter’s information; party laborers, Jan Samparks and even the improvement take a shot at most minimal conceivable surveying corner level. It has an Advance Search alternative for simple access of each required data.

Election management software helps to count the votes fast. Within seconds you would get to know the result of the election. Furthermore, there is no need to physically transfer the sheets from one location to another for counting. All the sheets are scanned after the election and the scanned images of the sheets can be transferred via email or FTP.


Special Features of Election Management Software

  • Electorate Management : Effortlessly Manage Polling Booth of the voting demography like Caste information, Party Workers data, Election Results of different polling corners and also track the Record of Jansamparks of whatever number as could reasonably be expected polling booths.
  • Be straightforward, Be ahead: The Election Management Software has a simple to utilize, straightforward client interface. With every one of the alternatives accessible on the single screen, you don’t need to rely on upon anybody to work with software.
  • Saves Time: Save your time to deal with your voters by working with this software. Deal with all your work with just one software.
  • Forget about Paper work: Handle all your information efficiently on screen in this manner you won’t have to keep up your entire voting public data on a paper.
  • Rapid Setup: Unlike conventional software, there’s nothing to introduce. Simply join, set up your record, and you are prepared to-go in seconds


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IBPS Online Test Software with Exclusive Features

IBPS has its own particular online test software interface which caters well for the sample of examination chose by IBPS. A great deal of inquiries depends on information elucidation and accordingly includes the question to contain extensive sections with outlines and charts. With a few inquiries asked in light of these sections.

Numerous organizations and scholastic exam bodies have turned to online tests for leading statewide and across the country examinations for number of students. Dealing with the whole exam handle has dependably been a troublesome undertaking for such foundations. Addmen gives a conclusion to-end solution for whole administration of the examination procedure with the Online Exam Software.

IBPS Online Test Software Characteristics:

  • The online test Software interface can be incorporated to the organizations’ site by means of a connection, tapping on which will divert the clients to the online test server area.
  • The software accompanies a very adaptable GUI and does not contain the name and logo of Addmen. You can incorporate the organization name and logo according to the set brand measures.
  • You can even incorporate a connection on the foundations’ site for encouraging simple registration of understudies for the online test.
  • The software bolsters combination with Payment Gateway, which you can use for facilitating helpful expense exchanges.
  • Any number of branches, courses, and clusters can be made and overseen under one rooftop. Managers can likewise make sub-client accounts with restricted rights.
  • Addmen Online Exam software additionally has an offline feature, so applicants can essentially download the test, tackle it offline, and afterward transfer their answers to get the online outcome reports. This feature is especially helpful for districts that regularly encounter network issues or if the understudy does not have a web association at home.
  • Every one of the examples of inquiries that are ordinarily found in all unpredictable selection tests, including IIT, CAT, and IBPS can be coordinated into the question paper you make utilizing the online test software.

Addmen online exam software can be used for end-to-end management of compound online examination systems including different types of questions.


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Effective University Management Software

With the new University management software, the present course of action of education will accomplish another stature of flawlessness. The framework will be valuable to everyone related in ordinary running of the school, and will help the head and administration in capable controlling of various capacities.

How a university is directed and controlled, is consistently a worry toward various people who are associated with it. The list includes understudy, managerial, trustees, promoters and some more. With time, it was comprehended that customary framework doesn’t yield results obviously in light of the fact that there are different escape conditions within the framework. This is when software associations prepared particular ERP programming that will cook the general offering to work needs of educational foundations another University Management Software. Such a system will bring the colossally required consistency and strength within an affiliation.

Following are some uses of University Management Software:

  • The management of an university will find much lessens in its work stack as every errand and business will be done on progressing stage emphatically.
  • Also, the effectiveness of a school will augmentation to considerable degree as the new structure will complete attempted strategies for administering common undertaking.
  • The security of data and trades will be ensured to tremendous degree. ERP programming generally use an online server for keeping the ordinary records, and from now on, there are less dangers of control and abusing of data.
  • The organization will moreover have better control over various workplaces as every division should perform for yield. It will be straightforward for the top level organization of a school to find the inadequacies within a division and venture for control and cure.

The software has an inbuilt SMS framework that can be utilized for sending reports, charge receipts, vital declarations, and so on to the understudies and guardians. The University management software helps in smooth working of the foundation.

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OMR answer sheet checker

Addmengroup offers the OMR software that is being used by the many educational organizations. The OMR software consist of three modules, OMR Answer Sheet Checker, OMR Form Reader and Question Paper Generator. From those three modules OMR answer sheet checker is useful for the purpose of checking objective tests that have MCQs. Answer sheet checker software is not only able to design the sheet but also can read the OMR sheet. This module is utilized for perusing and assessing OMR answer sheets, answer papers that include multiple choice or objective questions.

The OMR answer sheet checker software is the quickest method for stamping and assessing objective type answer sheets. The software make comparison between the appropriate answers of the understudies and that of the appropriate answer key and gives point by point reports in minutes. This software is utilized for a few focused examinations where a substantial gathering of individuals take an interest.

Let’s See How OMR Answer Sheet Checker Operate

The best part of the OMR answer sheet checker software is that it is able to make the reports. The utilization of the Addmen OMR software includes four stages which are clarified in detail beneath:

Stage 1st:

The first stage of the software operation includes the defining test paper. Defining test paper includes all the factors like selecting the questions, date of test, marks related to each question, total marks, duration of test, test name etc.

Stage 2nd

Second stage includes setting the proper OMR test answer key. You can set the answer key manually or just by copy pasting the appropriate answers from the excel sheet. But before importing answers from the excel sheet ensure that whether all answers are filled accurately in that sheet.

Stage 3rd                                                                                                                                                                        

After completion of setting the test paper and answer key, at the third stage sheets are filled and scanned. The software estimates the answers in this stage. Read the scanned OMR sheets and accumulate the data composed. Runtime alteration of wrongly-filled sheets is also obtainable.

Stage 4th

Fourth step includes producing the results of the test. The outcomes are definite ones, regularly including graphical reports alongside tabular ones. View complete OMR results like mark lists, checklists, complete graphical study and OMR sheet data in various pre-designed layouts. The results can be exported to Excel, XML, Access, Dbase, etc.

The reports which are generated by this software are comprehensive ones and provides the inspection of individuals, groups, topics and questions too. This software helps students and teachers to make enhancements in learning and teaching.


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