Document Management System to Store , Secure and Recover your Document Records.

Records in the form of documents are a vital for any business process and important part in the working of any association. They are a fundamental method for organizational communication, an imperative constituent of authoritative memory and play a noteworthy part in improving the business process.

Business companies and different associations produce billions of pages of paper reports each year. Therefore, they require a proficient archive administration system that can encourage the methodical documenting, storing, securing and recovery of data. For a few associations, for example, insurance agencies, specialists and adviser, a productive report administration system means better administration and more prominent business prospects.

A Document Management System can oversee records utilizing PC software. It additionally incorporates administration of sound and video records, graphics, photos, faxes and mails. It is the procedure of sorting out, putting away, securing, grouping and recovering report based data and sight and sound documents. Since the perfect of a paperless office environment couldn’t be accomplished, archive document management additionally needs to adjust n successfully taking care of the requests of different businesses in storing, recovering and imparting data to paper and in addition electronic reports.

Document management systems encourage the long-term storage of documents. They empower advanced filing; that is, ordering and storing archives, which are right now required, and those that have gotten to be obsolete. Sharing data as content, design and mixed media is made advantageous by simple access through the Internet or by means of the organization’s intranet, as indicated by a individuals need and priority. A document management system takes into consideration the orderly indexing of archives, making it less demanding for the client to recognize and find the required report on request. It additionally lessens the quantity of worker hours required to deal with the documents.

A good document management system is fundamental to the proficient overseeing of documents, and in addition in improving correspondence and sharing data inside of the association.


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The Multiple Choice Test software to ease the exam work.

The multiple choice test software has long served a huge number of institutions better their examination process. With everything going fast-track these days, what better solution to rely on than the multiple choice test software, to manage your exam process!

Most of the  colleges and schools having resorted to it,as a solutions for setting up and managing their exam process, Addmen developers bring you the most advanced and foolproof multiple choice test software that lets you conduct MCQ tests with ease. Mcq test will be totally unmistakable with this test software. This sheet contained circle, egg shape, or some other course of action. This test is straightforward and proficient framework to deal with your examination process..

Many large educational bodies, including coaching classes and upcoming international schools have resorted to MCQ test patterns for conducting their semester tests. Addmen’s multiple choice test software is effective software that helps to create MCQ tests in a matter of minutes.



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How Transportation Management Software Can Improve Your Supply Chain

Any business that ships or gets merchandise of any sort must guarantee that their  transportation management is exact and accurate. Keeping your production network dependable is essential to keeping popularity merchandise accessible at all times. Transportation management software is an extraordinary approach to help the accomplishment of your delivery and getting operations.

Whether you’re moving hardware, manufacturing materials or moving food items, software that offers you some assistance with managing calendars and records are of awesome advantage. You can permit access to this device to anybody inside of your organization that depends on the transportation or accepting of goods. This will make significant transportation timetables and information accessible to everybody who needs it.

Knowing precisely when, where and what is moving will make your store network simpler to oversee. Additionally, you will have the capacity to distinguish any transportation issues and find a way to right them. Most organizations depend on exact and convenient development of goods to keep up useful operations. This makes the advantages of supply management software critical to any organization included with high volume delivering or getting.

Rolling out an improvement is trying for some organizations, yet even little changes can give exceptional enhancements numerous improvements of your operation. Transport Management Software is a vast improvement for many companies. The tedious nature of tracking shipments makes a software solution the absolute best choice.

For more details check out Website.

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Question Paper Generator Software for Schools and Colleges


Test Generating Software

Tests are an integral part of schools and colleges. While they are essential to arbitrator the students’ progress, creating tests every week or every month can be a strenuous task for the teachers. This is where Addmen’s test generating software comes into picture. Complete with a question bank as well as a technology to create the tests, this software is a large tool for educational institutes.

Question Bank

The question bank is where you save questions ahead of you can start creating the test papers. The questions are prepared in a Word file where you have to make eight columns. The first column has the serial number, the second has the question, the next 4-5 columns have the answer options and the last column has the correct answer.

Once these questions are ready, you can transfer them into the question bank. Here, you can also classify the questions according to class, subject, chapter, marks, etc. This makes it easier for the software to find the questions during the test paper generating process.

Test Paper Generation

For generating a test paper, first you have to define the test and create a proposal. Here, you have to provide the details of the test like the subject, topic, number of questions, complexity level, marks, etc. The software has been programmed to pick questions from the question bank randomly, on the basis of the blue print.

The question paper is generating quickly, with just one click. You can print this question paper for distribution during the test. The best thing a propos this software is that you can save the proposal of the question paper for upcoming use.

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Common mistakes on OMR sheets

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition is an efficient system as it is both, time saving and accurate. However, the success of the OMR system also depends upon the users, i.e. those who fill the sheet as well as the examiner. In case you are a student or candidate, it is important to follow the instructions given on the sheet before you fill it. This step should never be missed even if you have been filling such a paper for a long time. Even a small change can make or break your final scores. With this note, let us take a look at some of the common mistakes on OMR sheets made by students or candidates filling it.

Common mistakes by students

  • As mentioned earlier, many ignore the instructions given on the sheet before taking the examination or test.
  • Many times, students use the wrong pen or pencil for filling the sheet. Using a pencil when the sheet requires a pen or vice versa can cause you to lose your scores. The colour of the pen also matters.
  • Filling the roll number field or any other important field like the booklet number, answer sheet number, etc. incorrectly is another mistake that people make quite commonly. Be very careful while filling these fields. Remember that you cannot erase a mistake once made in any way. That darkens these fields when you are absolute sure about this.
  • Another thing that is commonly seen is people mark the bubbles for more than the required questions. On the other hand, some mark all the bubbles. Both are mistakes that can cause you to lose marks or points.
  • Some students or candidates, in a hurry, do not pay attention to the sequence of the questions and mark the wrong bubbles on the OMR sheet.
  • Sometimes, in case of carbonless sheets, the student may submit the copy instead of the original sheet.
  • Some students make a mistake by using a whitener to erase their errors. This should not be done as the OMR system cannot read the mark of the whitener. In the same way, improper rubbing is also something that has to be avoided.
  • Many students do their rough work on the OMR sheet. This can make scanning difficult and hence should not be done. Also, writing spiritual salutations on the paper should also be avoided at all costs.

Common mistakes by examiners

Along with the students, there are some mistakes that the examination staff makes very commonly. Some of them are:

  • Not using the blank space provided for stamping the seal and doing it outside the space
  • Signing on or near the index points
  • Using punching machine or stapler on the OMR sheet
  • Packing the sheets in an improper way, i.e. by folding or rolling them
  • Providing insufficient or wrong information while packing the papers

These are some of the common mistakes done on the OMR sheets. If the correct rules are followed and no mistakes are made, the OMR sheet will provide 100% accurate results. OMR software will give you accurate result if candidates & examiners fill follow the guidance.

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5 most useful Addmen’s software for Educational institutes

Utilizing software and applications as a part of school is certainly a savvy approach to stay sorted out. There are a significant number accessible, yet you need to pick the one that’ll give a support to your learning and efficiency in school. In this article, we highlight for you, 5 such applications that are certain shot help to your learning in school/colleges.

  • School Management Software

Improve the Quality of Education with School Management Software.

Power-up your institution with the school management software. Numerous colleges and international schools have resorted to our effective software solutions to facilitate uninterrupted and convenient management of institutional activities.

  • Library Management Software

Library Management Software for well-organized Library

Pioneering developers at Addmen Group offer you modern and user-friendly library management software. Now you don’t need a skilled librarian; anyone with basic computer skills can operate this software and manage your institute’s library.

  • Attendance Management Software

Keep Track of Attendance with the Attendance Management Software

Conveniently priced and offering a complete solution to timekeeping and attendance tracking, Addmen developers are proud to present the attendance management software, as a modern, error-free, and cost-effective solution to track your student/employee attendance.

  • Classroom Management Software

Cost-efficient Classroom Management Software

Many coaching classes and schools have resorted to the classroom management software, a complete solution for academic management and which you can use to facilitate various administrative activities, from attendance tracking to test management and more.

  • School Administration Software

Reliable School Administration Software

Endorse your institute’s administrative responsibility to the experts. We offer you the School Administration Software – a convenient, cost-effective solution to ensure automation of several administrative processes.

For more information about these softwares and other useful software visit our

Website: Admengroup


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How Online School Mangement Software is useful

If you are a school head or teacher of a school, I’m certain you’re accustomed to utilizing a combination of projects, for example, Microsoft Office, normal pen and paper or devices like File Maker to deal with your school information. There’s a better way.

Rather than utilizing pen and paper to deal with your school’s information, why not experiment with a school management system that is intended to minimize your workload and boost your spare time. Once you’ve moved to working the online path, data on each student and teacher will be actually comfortable finger tips. You won’t need to experience file organizers with reams of information when you can simply sort in a search box and all that you need will arrive for you.

For more details please click on this link:

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Efficient and Multi-Featured University Management Software by Addmen Group

University management software by addmen is one of its kind software. What makes it different from rest? The answer is its originality, versatile, Multi-featured abilities. A university which is not updated has chances of lacking behind due to the growing competition. University need to keep on enhancing itself with the demand. University Management software gives you to chance to get in the race by automating all the process related to university. There are many processes like admission management, account operations, attendance management and many more which can be effectively managed by the multitasking, multi-featured and efficient university management software. University management software so can be concluded as the key to the enhancement of education institute.

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Few step to instantly create multiple choice test paper. Try Now!

Follow few steps  & create the multiple choice test papers. Yes it is this simple with Addmen Groups Multiple choice test maker software. Help yore exam committee to easily and efficiently create papers from Multiple choice test paper. It replaces the challenge of working with the messy paperwork and even help you to save your time and energy. You can convert this saved time and energy as a driving force to develop your school.

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What is ORM Sheet? What all are the major components?

ORM is short for optical mark recognition which is a technology that is used for the purpose of electrically extracting all the intended data from a particular field like fill infields, printed forms and checkboxes. OMR technology can enable you to scan a printed form and can read any kind of predetermined record or position where all the marks are made on a form. This is the technology which is very useful for any kind of application in which one needs large number of hand filled forms that are required to be processed in quick succession.

There are five major components for Understanding OMR Sheets:

Index Point

There are four points that are provided on the four corners of every ORM sheet and are the most important component of the sheet. Accuracy and all the evaluation is totally depended on these four points.

Unique ID Block

This is the block which is required for the purpose of identifying which all are the candidates to which the sheet belongs. It also lets you know that which data should be added in which record. For example if we consider Answer sheets then it is in the roll number block or in case of application form it is in the Form no. block. This block can be left empty in the sheet so that candidate can fill in their number.

Test ID Block

Test ID block is present on the Answer Sheet for the purpose of recalling the test definition which can be useful in identifying what all are the correct answers. This can be very effective in evaluation of the sheet and to calculate and distribute marks in various sections.

Responsible Block

Responsible Blocks are different types of OMR block which are present for delivering different type of outputs. If you are looking for Answer Sheet then these are question blocks which needs to be evaluated. For such application, Survey form are ORM based data collection column.

Text Blocks

Text Blocks are the areas which can be very designed according to the requirement. The name and the logo of any institute and column for candidate can be printed in this area. There are many such areas on an OMR sheet. Whatever the content is in this block it does not affect the OMR sheet.

Creation of OMR sheets?

Sheet layouts are created while using the OMR software which can be used. There are no other self-designed layouts which can be recognised and there is no limitation to use these readymade layouts only. If there are any printed sheets then you should consult a team of technical support to understand if this sheet will be suitable for reading or not. If there are any necessary parameters that are required for the purpose of calibration, than the sheet can be easily calibrated and should be read from the software.

How to fill sheets?

You should thoroughly read all the instructions that are provided on the sheet before filing of the form. Most common mistake that has to happen because of negligence in the reading and the instruction that are required for the filling of the OMR sheet.

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