Addmen’s Online Multiple Choice Test Maker

As all of you may have seen, academic is taking an IT turn, and many foundations have begun directing examinations online nowadays. Online tests are efficient, can be computerized to a huge degree, and can have room for a huge number of students attending the test from various places.

We, at Addmen Group are leading software providers of the bestselling online multiple choice test maker in India. Our customer not only include large educational bodies in India, but also extended across many other countries. Online multiple choice test maker is an vital part of the Addmen examination management solution and is a commercial means to prepare question papers that can actually estimate the students’ power of knowledge.

Now you can plan, change, and carry out multiple choice tests over the internet. construct and accumulate as many question banks as you require and arrange them according to the subject, chapter etc. Assign marking methods to questions; your test may include many types of questions and different marking methods. The online MCQ test maker can also be used to create test paper containing many types of questions, including:

  • True or false
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Column Matching
  • Theoretical
  • Comprehension Passage
  • Diagram making
  • Alpha-numeric

The questions you comprise may also include formulae, equations, pictures, and diagrams. And the best part is you can also create multi-lingual tests, if the test is to be conducted for a large number of students from a variety of areas.The online multiple choice test maker also appears with the question shuffling aspect – a suitable means to avoid malpractices by creating a set of many unique question papers bearing the same questions, but in different orders. The desktop variant of online multiple choice test maker is available as Module C of the Addmen OMR software for an reasonable price. Since its introduction in the market, the software has redeemed many academic bodies and institutional exam committees of the tedious paperwork and terrific efforts otherwise involved in the exam process.

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Addmen’s OCR software reads the printed text 100% accurately.

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is an technology that aides in perusing printed content.This technology  has the capacity to exchange the printed content into computerized information.The main thing that the OCR can’t read is scientific equations or expressions. Aside from this, each other printed content, be it words or numbers can be perused by the OCR software.

This OCR technology is accessible in Addmen OMR software. The OMR software utilizes it to peruse printed numbers on forms and also answer sheets. In some answer sheets, the roll numbers are pre-imprinted on the sheets to maintain a strategic distance from mix-ups made by the students in composing their roll numbers. At the point when the answer sheets are perused by the OMR software, the OCR software  peruses the printed roll number to perceive as to which paper has a place with which understudy. The same applies to OMR shapes like confirmation structures, application frames furthermore certain exceptional OMR shapes.

The existence of Optical Character Recognition software in Addmen OMR software has made the last much looked for after software today. The Addmen OMR software with OCR software peruses information 100% precisely.

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Addmen’s Online Test Software

Online Test Software provides flexibility to the teachers and the students in the smooth functioning of the online test. It enables the teachers to feed questions, with diagram or formulas with the help of question bank software. Using the online test software a teacher can initiate test for any group or branch. Demo test, Practice test and Assessment test are the three modes of test. A teacher can set the test activation time and the test duration time using this software.

The specialty of this online test software is that it enables the large number of students to write the test at the same time from wherever they are. The software provides Question shuffling function by creating different sets of question papers thereby avoiding cheating. This is the reason for which many of the institutes have started the process of online test. The online test software takes questions from the question bank, thereby reducing the time to upload question papers for every test. The software offers transparency in conducting the tests that further eradicates the need for monitoring the tests.  Most of the online test software’s have the feature of generating results immediately after completing the test. This helps to reduce the burden on teachers and also further a teacher can review the student’s capability in the real time.

A very significant feature of the online test software is that it avoids the use of paper, printing the questions, distribution expenses, etc. thereby encouraging cost saving and environmental protection.

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Question Bank Software – Easiest and Fastest Way to Arrange Exams


The main objective behind creating Question Bank Software is to help to solve the problems faced by various educational institutes like schools, collages, coaching institutes, etc. in arranging regular exams or tests. Working on an online exam or online test paper needs lots of time and energy by the teacher as well as by a computer operator. However the Question Bank Software facilitates the teacher to finish all the work easily without the assistance of the operator. The Question Bank Software is also called as Question Paper Generator (QPG).

The main feature of this software is that it does not store any questions; instead it stores the references to unique question IDs and corresponding filter tags applied to them. The QPG offers flexibility in feeding the questions in a Doc file that is a Question Resource (QR) file, even in the absence of QPG software. The question is stored in the text format in this QR file. This characteristic of the software shows the capacity of the software and a variety of texts that can be managed by it.

The Question Bank software also provides scope for storing text in multiple languages, creating diagrams and storing pictures. It further enables to incorporate formulas using unique formula editor functions. The software has the potential to delete the repeated questions and searches for questions that have not been used. Hence a teacher can create monolingual or bilingual question papers with formulas, diagrams and pictures without the need to check the repetition of questions with the help of QPG software.



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Manage the Different Departments of School with School Management Software


A school is the foundation of our education system, where we learn, we fight, we make friends, etc. It has many classrooms, with many divisions, many students, many teachers and many activities. The school administration has to deal with a lot of work like students admission, fees, attendance, results, holidays, exams, staff attendance, staff performance, etc. So managing the school needs a lot of care and attention. Enhanced Campus Automation System (ECAS) plays a very important role in the smooth administration of the school.

ECAS is unique software that adjusts to your requirements. One can add extra features as per the requirement of the school administration system. The admission section of the School Management software deals with various procedure of admission like making the list of students, adding or removing the names, fees paid or not, and issuing the identity cards of the students. The ECAS when incorporated with OMR software helps the administrator to get the report of the marks obtained by the students and also display the reports online.

It further gives the provision of creating the customized layout of the report as per your choice. The fee management is made easy using this software; the administration just has to add the fee structure. It further facilitates the students to pay the fees online and get the receipt immediately.  The  School Management  software  is beneficial for library management also; it helps to record the entire library transaction along with the catalogue of books in the library. Hence, school management software is very essential in managing different departments of the school and further helps in the consistent growth and development of the school.


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Make your Institute’s Administration Smoother with Institute Management Software


Documentation and paperwork are the major part of an educational institute like schools, colleges, coaching institutes, etc. Institute management software facilitates the smooth administration of such institutes. The software enables to reduce the burden on the administrator in keeping the record of the student’s admission, attendance, performance, results, institutes financial account etc. of the institute. Maintaining the record of the enquiry by the students, follow-up status and the admission of the students is the stressful and time consuming work that can be made easy using the software.  And whenever the need is the search section will help in search for the details of the student. The software also enables the administrators to generate identity cards for students.

The educational institute consists of a large number of students and maintaining their attendance record would be a very difficult task, with the help of the institute management software taking attendance would become easy and whenever the need arises, it also helps to import the attendance record, which will further make the work life chaos free.

Preparing the reports and documentation manually is the major concern as it is time consuming and requires a lot of attention. The management software enables the process of report making easy. Apart from this one can select from among the nine formats or layouts of report making and also print it. The software further helps in maintaining the financial accounts of the institute and the results of the students.  Thus the software facilitates in the smooth administration of the institute as it helps save time, energy and chaos during emergency.


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College Administration Software – One Point Solution for College Administration

College administration work is a very difficult task, as it includes managing large number of students, different specialized departments, and miscellaneous other activities. So a person managing the college administration needs to have a lot of experience, patience and efficiency. With the advancement in Technology College administration work has become easier. Enhanced Campus Automation System (ECAS) facilitates in the smooth functioning of the college administration.

The college administration software  provides with dashboard, wherein students or staff can login with specific user name and password and look for necessary documents and details like ID card status, payment details, print receipt, view statistics, download documents uploaded by the college administration and staff.

The software enables the administrator to keep the record of students inquired for a particular course with their contact details. There are different sections in the software that meets the requirement of the college administration like admission section, report, student search, attendance, etc. On the regular basis an administrator can keep the track of things happening in the college with the support of this software.

The college administration software is helpful as a centralized source of information for trouble free data access. It provides user friendly interface that just requires basic IT knowledge. It is cost effective as it provides one point solution for the entire college administration work. It is beneficial to the students as it provides information on attendance, fees, college timetable, exam schedule, activities at college, results, etc. It also helps in selecting the required books from the library books catalogue.  Hence, college administration software is vital in managing the college administration work as well as maintaining good communication between college, staff and students.

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Computerization of Attendance by using OMR Attendance Sheet formats


Most of the schools and universities pursue the conventional method for taking attendance, i.e., through move call and denoting the attendance record to show whether the student  is available or missing. Toward the end of consistently, the attendance  is determined by hand and sent to the board or college. While this is straightforward when the attendance must be taken just once in a day, determining  the attendance of each student for each address is truly dull. This is the place OMR attendance sheets come into picture.

OMR attendance management system documentation

The OMR attendance sheet format can be planned according to your requirements. Both lecture-wise attendance sheet as well as monthly attendance sheet for every subject is offered. The technique of marking the attendance leftovers the same, i.e. by roll calling. However, the variation is that with the help of the OMR sheets, computerization of attendance is feasible. The OMR reader software reads the scanned sheets in seconds and provides daily and monthly attendance reports of the students in an Excel sheet.

OMR attendance sheet: Advantages

Even though the system of marking the attendance is the same, OMR sheets facilitate to save time. Addmen understands that filling the bubbles completely would take a lot of time and hence the sheets are planned in such a way that only small marks can be identified. For this reason, the sheets are printed in pink color. The lecturers can make use of  sketch pen or a marker for marking the sheets because even a small dot of this pen makes a larger mark on the sheet. This helps in saving time significantly.

Apart from being time saving, the best part of OMR attendance  sheets is that they are cost-effective. It is a lot economical than installing a biometric system in each class. Additionally, you don’t have to recompense anything extra for getting the OMR sheets than for the normal attendance register and other stationary normally used for taking attendance. Other than this, as the sheets are read by the software, the chances of making errors is almost nil as compared to handbook calculation of the students’ attendance.


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Let’s Make Schools Management Easy By Using Education Management Software


 We realize how much of an pricey matter it is to synchronize and direct institutional administrative activities. Developers at Addmen Group offer you the Education management software as a one of the best solution for automating your school’s administrative activities to a immense level.

ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation Software) is education management software that has all the conveniences to run any educational organization, be it small or big. All the processes that are required for a smooth functioning of an educational institute are available in this software. Apart from this, it also takes care of the intellectual activities of the students.

Online Test: The education management software has an online test module where the users can upload tests. The students can login to their accounts to take the test. After this, the software evaluates the answers and provides the report cards too.

Timetable and Syllabus Monitoring: The software allows you to upload the timetable of every class in your institute. Students would be able to access their class timetables through their dashboards. Also, it is a place where teachers can update about the information they have covered during every class.

Library Management: This module makes it possible to manage the library of the institute in an proficient way. With this software, there is no chance of losing or misplacement of books. All transaction records are saved in the software which can be found with a simple search.

Attendance: In numerous institutes, attendance is taken during every period or lecture. However, assembling all this attendance data manually is not only complicated but can also be time consuming. on the other hand, ECAS makes it easy to save the attendance data and to create several reports about the same.

Apart from these things, teachers as well as the admin can upload study materials and such other e-documents on this module. These can be accessed by the students from their dashboard. In short, education management software makes efficient management of the educational system possible.

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Library Management Software to manage your Library thoroughly


With the advancement in technology, everything is turning web based giving an extensive measure of preferences to the customers from generally useful points of view. There is a colossal requirement of an an online library management  software  in all schools and colleges and the top forces are finding them completely supportive for both students  furthermore assets to continue with their work with such a healthy electronic structure.

Broad online library management  software  can give basic information about the books available in the library, which are basic for an student  enthused about studies. Indeed the online change of a library has ended up being a guide for schools, schools and colleges in light of the way that helps them with decreasing cost .

In a school or a school, there are numerous students  and in this way there rises a need of a similar composed library with a particular true objective to consider their educational needs. System is the main issue that these foundations confront in light of the fact that a enormous library needs a huge space. With online library management  software  , the accountants have wiped out the need of such a huge place and have had the ability to keep the work to a singular machine just to save their time and cash close by extending profitability and sufficiency

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