Question paper generator software

Addmen group offer examination management software those are having multiple feature like question paper generation, question paper checking. It can handle different exam related activity. Question paper generator software is one of the best software. In this software there is bunch of questions out of this at time of exam it will drive one by one question to the user the student who appear for this exam. Addmen group present QPG question paper generator software features components in the business sector these are basically useful for the new client the individuals who have not seen this sort of software. The questions are selected randomly from the question bank stored in the software. You can modify the question sequence as per the requirement. The questions can be sorted according to marks allotted to each question. Many sets of question paper can be created by using the Question paper generator software.

You can not only generate or create a question paper but you can print the question paper once you finalize the question paper. Now a days many exam have various sets of question paper like set A, set B, etc. This software helps you create sets of question paper which can be printed as per sets selected. This helps in prevention of any human error while creating the question paper. Many additional features are available in this software. To know more about this software visit our Website:  Admen QPG


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Addmen’s Student Management Software is Beneficial for Hostel and Transport Management

Addmen has presented transport and hostel administration modules in ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System), software that can deal with all organization exercises of the foundation. The Student Management Software helps to spare all the vehicle points of interest of the student contemplating in the school and colleges. Then again, the hostel management software has the offices to record the hostel subtle elements of the student.

The transport module can be utilized to deal with the records of the student profiting the vehicle office. Subtle elements like the sort of transport, number of the vehicle, the course taken, stops, and so forth can be kept up here. Aside from this, data in regards to transport charge installment can likewise be recorded here.

The Student Management Software will have all the data about the students staying at the hostel. This module can be utilized to dole out rooms to the student furthermore to keep a track of the expense installment and such different things identified with the hostel office. It is additionally simple to track the room opportunity and room insightful inhabitancy with this module.

Other than these two modules, the Addmen ECAS has a few different employments. Right from the admission process, it helps in dealing with a few essential foundation administration exercises like expense administration, library management, test report administration, and so forth. This product is helpful for the smooth working of an educational establishment.


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Addmen’s Reliable and Reasonable Online Question Bank Software

Addmen provides the educational software’s which are helpful for all the organization to make their complex administration tasks simpler. Addmen offers an online test Software which you can use to upload tests for your understudies. Understudies are given a login credentials through which they can apply for the test. Addmen additionally gives an online question bank facility in the online test software which enables the bank of inquiries to be uploaded allowing the understudies to self-produce practice question papers for test preparation as per the exam pattern. The question bank asset can be ordered and overseen on local machine for handiness and matched up with the server which is utilized by understudies and for practice test papers. The online question bank can be redesigned by adding more inquiries to the bank.

The bank of questions is made and ordered on your local PC utilizing the offline question bank software. Addmen’s question bank software functions admirably for offline and online tests as well. Being offline, you can spare the same number of inquiries as you need in the nearby question bank and roll out any improvements proficiently in the offline copy and afterward transfer it on the server. Online Question bank carries on in different distinctive ways. It not just permits to give every understudy distinctive inquiries of a similar scale to various understudies yet then again, if the software picks a similar question yet exhibits them in a different order. This anticipates acts of neglect amid the examination and makes the entire procedure fair for the understudies as well.

Because of the features of the online test software and question bank software, it has been utilized by a few top foundations and coaching classes for their online exams. Aside from being dependable, most foundations think that its reasonable as well.


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Comparison of OMR Vs Manual Checking

When we talk of drawing a comparison between manual or automated checking, the basic advantages of automation need not be reiterated when the whole world has moved to automated checking since years.

The mere reason of introduction of MCQ based tests in large scale exams is that they have the possibility of being checked automatically.All government selection and recruitment tests even in defence are done on OMR pattern and checked through OMR System.

Except for a handful cases where it is done manually due to some reason like either a test was taken accidentally on non-OMR sheets or maybe the scale was too small to deploy any automation. In all other possibilities.

There are many points in favour of OMR, but below are very few selected points which will create a clear picture of what can happen if MCQ test is not checked through OMR.

– Manual checking at the most can be tried in case of single choice with Positive marks. Not possible in case of negative marking scheme. It is very tedious as all questions have to be checked and prone to miscalculations.

– Sometimes it is revealed at the end of the process that the answerkey was ambiguous for certain questions. Sometimes one question has two answers. Manual checking is highly prone to errors in this case.

– What if the answerkey changes after the manual reading has been done? With software it is possible to recalculate with new answerkey in minutes. Manually the whole process will have to be done again. Sheets might have already been dirtied with manual tick marks, next time tick marks will make them more confusing.

– Specially when candidates come to station for a exam process which has multiple rounds, it is required to give the results fast. With manual checking candidates will have to wait and stay over more.

– Some exam results have a tie, and the tie breakers need to be applied onto certain specific questions. Not possible manually.

– When multiple people will check manually. Each one of them will have their own consideration and liniency parameters. So the type of marks accepted by one checker on on sheet might be rejected by the other on a different sheet. Such ambiguity is highly prone to RTIs.

Two such candidates can team up to stall the whole process and exams might need to be redone.

These are very few points, enough to give a fair idea of why the world has moved to OMR based automated checking.

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Addmen’s Inventory Management Software for college

Enhanced Campus Automation System is plays very important role in all the institutes in order to coordinate among different departments. Particularly, when it comes to inventory management operations, like checking stock accessibility, Products Purchase, refreshing stocks, isolating equipments into groups, and so forth. These stock products could be lab equipments, stationery products, chemicals, specimens, and so forth.All such different group of items should be sorted out and apportioned to their particular divisions. Every one of these operations goes under inventory management and ECAS exactly and precisely handles such detailed tasks through its easy to use interface.

Characteristics of Inventory Management System in ECAS

  • Inventory Management Software allows you to classify equipments and items with their group name, group id, item category, stock type, etc with its Inventory Stock Group panel.
  • Also if you want to get a detailed summary list like branch, group id & no, stock type & status, date, quantity, rate, amount, bill no & date, supplier name & address, etc of the inventory items then you simply have to select that particular stock item.
  • Using the Stock Search Panel you can elaborate filtering and searching of inventory items.
  • All the generated reports of different operations are documented in the database. Whenever you want to see the reports you can watch this with the reports filters.
  • You can view the detailed information about transactions like issued items, opening/closing balance, overdue items, returned/lost/damaged items, etc by using this panel.
  • This software makes all the reports accessible for printing by exporting it in Excel and PDF from the big collection of database.

This is how the inventory management of schools, colleges and universities can be managed and synchronized proficiently with the help of such client-customized university management software.

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Educational Software’s by Addmen Group

ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) can operate as an alternate for the management department in an educational organization. Addmen developed this software after a lot of study about the functioning system of educational organization like schools, colleges and universities and developed software that can adapt to the managerial system of all of them.

School Management Software

Force up your organization with the school management software. Various coaching classes and universal schools have turned to our successful software solution for encourage continuous and advantageous administration of institutional activities

Improve the value of education at your organization with the best school management software. Chosen by more than 3000 professional organization, including some of the top organization in India and abroad, Addmen’s School Management Software can assist efficiently run your organization.

Broadly used by schools, colleges, coaching classes, and even universities in India and abroad, Addmen’s School Management Information System give power to an institution with superior quality of education and help out to found a cost-efficient managerial model.

College Management System

Master software designer and developer engineers at Addmen Group present to you the most progressive and easy to understand College Management System. From enlistment and confirmation admission, to overseeing online tests, to track installments and receipts, the college management system will help mechanize a considerable measure of regulatory administrative activities.

Library Management Software

Addmen Group offers you latest and easy to understand library management software. Presently you needn’t bother with a talented librarian; anybody with essential computer basic can work this software and deal with your organization’s library.

Attendance Management Software

Helpfully evaluated and offering a complete solution for timekeeping and attendance, Addmen engineers are pleased to display the attendance management software, as an advanced, error free, and savvy and cost effective for track your student/employee attendance.

Classroom Management Software

Many coaching classes and schools have resorted to the classroom management software, a complete solution for academic management and which you can use to facilitate various administrative activities, from attendance tracking to test management and more.

There are many other Educational software like Classroom Management Software, School Automation Software, Campus Management Software, Coaching Institute Management System, etc.

For more details visit our website:



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Integrated Messaging System – Save time while sending messages

Addmengroup is one of the best and renowned companies that offer the excellent software solutions for the education. Emails for the most part fill the greater part of the need for sending valuable and detailed data through the web. Be that as it may, for critical and snappy declarations and updates, there is nothing speedier and less demanding method of sending data than SMSs. In this time of versatile innovation, since everybody has got phones, it winds up noticeably less demanding to send alerts through robotized messaging framework. You needn’t bother with independent software only to send SMSs. Enhanced Campus Automation Software as a grounds computerization software has an inbuilt SMS facility alongside the Email module which does the message sending undertakings.

With integrated messaging system module we can not only send the individual messages but also can send bulk messages to the many students at a time just in a single click. The best and the most valuable characteristics accessible in ECAS is the Auto SMS facility incorporated with every module of the software. It fills in as extremely effective school automation software by conveying auto produced message formats for welcome SMS, enlistment, username and secret key in enquiry and follow-up modules. This auto SMS facility is additionally accessible for fee dues, date updates and fee receipts in fee account panel.

It additionally has a component of sending transactional SMS with sender ID (e.g.TD-ADDMEN) to affirm the credibility of message. Customer has the adaptability of picking their own 6-digit sender ID for sending such transactional messages. SMS and Email module are integrated together in the same panel to save time while sending messages. You can pick home, office, interchange versatile no or all at the same time to send SMS.

All these diverse facilities of SMS in only one application module makes ECAS the most adaptable institute management software keeping the organization and understudies state-of-the-art.

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Addmen’s Handwriting reader ICR and OMR Software

The OMR or Optical Mark Recognition reader can recognize dark marks on an OMR sheet. This sheet is not quite the same as an ordinary bit of paper as it contains index points on its four corners. These file focuses cause the OMR reader to identify the dark marks on the bubbles. While most OMR software can’t read handwritten content and pictures, those that have OCR and ICR are able to do as such. OCR is Optical Character Recognition and ICR is Intelligent Character Recognition. The nearness of these readers has a few favorable benefits.

  • With the OCR it is conceivable to read printed digits, while the ICR is utilized to read written by hand digits. Some OMR sheets like admission or other information accumulation forms have a space where individuals need to give data in writing. This incorporates name, address, course points of interest, and so forth. As writing these subtle elements may prompt blunders, most schools and universities incline toward utilizing the OCR and ICR readers.
  • Aside from manually written content, admission forms additionally require the understudies to stick their photo in the space gave. With the ICR reader, the photo is caught and embedded in the database.
  • Some OMR answer sheets have barcode on them. With the OCR and ICR readers it is conceivable to read barcodes on a wide range of coding formats.

Any consistent scanner can be utilized to read the OMR sheets. When you scan the sheet, the OMR, ICR and OCR software would do the processing and convey the fundamental outcomes and points of interest.


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Student Management Software – Managing administration activities of educational institutes

Educational institutes has to manage many administration activities from filling the admission forms to handling the everyday attendance to fee payments, all of these things are completed physically. These methods are time consuming and there are many chances to make mistakes, but with Addmen’s student management software, there is no opportunity of any mistakes. Student management software is otherwise called Enhanced Campus Automation System. This framework has a few modules which can deal with all the organization activities easily. It is conceivable to tweak the Student Management Software according to your necessities. This student management software manages the students’ data without error.

In admission module you can fill admission form and you can also change the information that you have entered. The Student Management Software presents search module by using this module we can search information of particular students speedily & easily. In identity card section you can create identity card by filling basic information. & also download these identity cards into PDF and then get them printed.

It’s a requite for colleges, schools, and universities these days to find a way to automate their administrative processes, in particular the admission process, examinations, fee management, and attendance tracking. Addmen’s Student Management Software is equipped with an array of functions that will suit your needs. By using the Enhanced Campus Automation Software; you will be capable to run all the activities associated to student management. This effective student management software offers everything you need to manage your institutes

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Addmen’s OMR Form Reader to Save Time and Workforce

OMR is the Optical Mark Recognition software which is used for the purpose of reading OMR sheets, i.e. sheets that are containing blocks or bubbles. Addmengroup provide such useful software with different modules integrated in it. One of the modules is OMR Form Reader software. The OMR Form Reader software is utilized for reading OMR sheets. At first the sheet gets scanned by the OMR software and then OMR reader software reader software collects the information and sends it to the Excel sheet. So the main use of this software is to gather the information from OMR forms.

This is the best software in order to read and gather the information from the different forms like survey sheet, questionnaire, application form and admission form. This software not only transfers the data to Excel sheet but also to the other mediums like Access, XML, SQL and CSV etc. Also the OMR form Reader software has OMR sheet designing software integrated in it. With the help of this software we can design the various OMR forms. As this software has the Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition technology it is possible to read the printed numbers, barcode and copy the handwritten text respectively.

The OMR Form Reader able to read the images and save them into the database along with names. Use this OMR Form Reader software with 100% accuracy and check all the OMR forms automatically without any errors.

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