Feedback & Survey

How do you judge a performance and progress of an institute or an organization? By carrying out surveys and getting the feedback of students and its employees. Earlier schools, colleges, coaching classes use to handout feedback forms for every student. It’s a costly affair for printing forms for each student and for every course or subject. Also handling and reviewing these huge bundles of feedback forms becomes very difficult to manage. To overcome this, web-based feedback and survey forms came into existence. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) is one such web based school management software which has an inbuilt module for such online feedback questionnaires.

ecas feedback and survey


What is in the Feedback Interface?

Advantages of Online Feedback Forms

Every institute needs an educational management software as feedback forms give a lot of information about the institute and its functioning. It is very difficult to carry out surveys in each department of big universities and colleges through paper feedback forms. Sending feedback forms to students, collecting, reviewing and then sending back to the department involves lot of mishandling and misplacement of these forms. This can lead to improper judgment of a particular course or the teacher. Such errors can be avoided through use of online feedback forms in a classroom management software provided by ECAS. It proves very beneficial to institutes like coaching classes, schools, colleges as well as corporate organizations. This method of feedbacks and surveys involves no cost and saves lot of time and effort as the process involves automated software interface and no use of papers.

ECAS handles and manages feedback forms and surveys very effectively and is the best institute management software available online.