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Payment from inside India

Buyers from India can adopt a following methods:

Deposit in Bank : Cash/ Cheque/ DD can be deposited to your nearest State Bank of India Branch. Bank details are given on this page.

Online Transfer : Amount can be transferred through NEFT or RTGS. It usually reflects on the same working day if done early before bank closing time.

SBI ATM Transfer : If you have a State Bank of India ATM (Debit/Credit) card than you can make card to card transfer in the nearest ATM. Our ATM Card No.

ATM No. 6220180287500062610

VISA Card Transfer : If you have a VISA Debit card of any bank then you can make a card to card transfer using the PayNimo facility.

Log on to

Register and enter following details:

Name: Addmen; Mobile: 9229113577 and the amount you want to pay. We will get an alert and shall collect money into our account. It will be deducted from your card.

PayPal: Users in India can also paythrough PayPal. So If you don't have a paypal account, create one. You shall receive a payment request from us on your email.

CST / VAT / TIN >>>

Addmen Multi-Studios:23669081166
Addmen IT Solutions:23509071094

Payment from outside India

Overseas buyuers can pay through following methods:

PayPal: You can transfer to us through PayPal. We shall send you money request on paypal which you can pay using you card an we shall receive an instant alert of payment.

SWIFT Bank Transfer: This is a facility where an international transfer is made from your bank to our bank. You will request your bank to transfer money to any of our bank accounts given here.


Though you get the transfer Reference No. immediately from your bank which you will submit here in your payment information, but our bank shall receive the information t in 3-4 days. Following this we shall receive the credit in another 2 days. So it is a one week process. However we initiate your dispatch as soonas our bank receives the intimation of transfer.

Courier Dispatch Information

It is our process to dispatch the Software packet on the same day of receiving your credit in our Bank.

You will receive a SMS from ADDMEN sharing your Docket number on same day.

Dispatches within India: We usually send your Software packet by Indian Speed Post or DTDC courier. The docket is delivered in 2-3 days in metros or major cities and 3-4 days in other cities across India.

Dispatches for Outside India: The software packet is sent by DHL. It should idally not take more that 4-5 days to deliver anywhere in the world. However a weeks allowance is suggested.


Bank Details >>>

Admen Multi-Studios

A/c No: 30085039898
State Bank of India
Branch: Shakti Nagar, Gwalior
IFS Code: SBIN0002875

Addmen IT Solutions

A/c No: 32395541645
State Bank of India
Branch: Shakti Nagar, Gwalior
IFS Code: SBIN0002875

Please Help us Serve You

Once you have submitted payment for purchasing a Addmen product, then kindly submit your payment information on this page. Please avoid sending Email, SMS and Phone calls for informing about your deposit. Submitting your payment information helps in faster processing of your order. Please keep a note of the reference number.

After submitting information coordinate for your Courier Dispatch details, License Activation, Training Schedule, Allocation of SMS credits, Activation of Support etc. only on the below given contacts:

Helpline : +91- 922 911 3500

Email :

Avoid calling on Support or Marketing numbers for order status.

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