Critical Organizations

The Addmen OMR software are used by different types of organizations and institutes as this software performs variety of functions. The software has the ability of reading different types of OMR sheets, be it answer sheets or forms. In case of examinations, OMR answer sheets are used and these sheets are read and evaluated by the OMR answer sheet checker software. On the other hand, the OMR forms are used for feedback, surveys, admissions, etc., and these forms are read by the OMR form software.

The OMR answer sheets and forms are very versatile; in other words, they can be designed in the way you want to. The Addmen OMR software can design a variety of such sheets and also help in reading them. This is the reason why several critical organizations rely on the Addmen OMR software for all their OMR needs. Some of the crucial organizations that have been using the Addmen OMR software are as follows:

All these institutes or organizations used the OMR software for recruitment processes. But it is not just limited to reading the sheets. Right from designing the OMR sheets to declaring the results, the Addmen OMR software provides total OMR solutions.

Another speciality of Addmen is that we provide OMR services, where we design, print, scan and read the OMR sheets for our clients. Several institutes and organizations conducting mass recruitment drives hire our OMR services. We have a specialized team that has been trained in handling the OMR software perfectly well. Moreover, we also have the latest tools and technologies required for processing the OMR sheets.

A major advantage of choosing our OMR services is that we can conduct the OMR scanning and reading services at several centrers across India at the same time. We have enough equipment and personnel to conduct large recruitment drives at the same time at various places.