Paramilitary Organizations

The Addmen OMR software is the most popular OMR software for several reasons. Apart from the ability of reading the OMR answer or test sheets, it also evaluates the answers and presents the results in the report format. It can be used for designing the sheets, and it also makes printing and scanning of the sheets easy, hassle free and affordable. This is the reason why several paramilitary and other such critical organizations have been using the Addmen OMR software.

OMR software
Paramilitary organizations conduct recruitment examinations for skilled, semi-skilled, clerical and multitasking profiles. Most of these examinations use OMR answer sheets for this purpose. Other than this, these organizations also use the OMR sheets for assessment during the training period. This is because it makes checking and evaluation of the sheets a quick process. Also, the OMR software gives them the freedom to design the OMR sheets on their own.

The OMR software by Addmen has a sheet design feature which is quite easy to use. Users only have to drag and drop the bubbles or grids to the sheet. In this way, they can create different types of OMR answer sheets as well as forms. After the designing part, the sheets can be printed using a laser or inkjet printer. Again, you do not have to rely on a special printer for this purpose.

Buying the Addmen OMR software also lessens your expenses as the OMR software is quite economical. With this, you do not need to use the OMR scanning machine, which is an expensive equipment. Here, you are free to use a normal image scanner that is regularly used in homes and offices.

OMR services
While most users of Addmen OMR software prefer to use the software on their own, there are several who choose the OMR services provided by the company. The Addmen OMR services include everything from designing, printing, packing, scanning and reading the OMR sheets. These services are used when the recruitment tests are conducted on a large scale, especially when the tests are conducted at several locations at the same time.

We at Addmen have enough professionals who are well-trained in handling all aspects of the OMR software. Other than that, we also have the latest tools and equipment which makes the processes of printing and scanning the sheets really quick.

Here is a list of the paramilitary organizations that have been using the OMR software and the OMR services: