How to Send Results Using Bulk SMS

How to Send Results Using Bulk SMS?

Addmen OMR software users have the opportunity to send results through bulk SMS. Users of the OMR software have recognized the way of sending results through bulk SMS as a convenient and efficient means to display the results. Information pertaining to candidate’s personal details, like name, roll no., phone number, father's name and phone number etc. are integrated to the SMS utility system; by the help of which one can send the results separately through SMS.

Features of Bulk SMS System

It’s easy to use: The best thing about the bulk SMS results delivery system is that it is quite easy to use. The utility system provides you with an MS Excel based panel to which you can import the details of the students that includes both personal information as well as the marks scored. It is a more simple and convenient method when compared to any other system.

It’s equipped with a fast delivery speed: At least 1000 SMS can be sent every minute with the help of the OMR software. To make it precise, about 60,000 SMS can be sent every hour. The OMR software helps you send these messages to both national and international numbers. Any telecom operator can be used for this service. The OMR software also makes it possible to schedule the SMS for a future date, i.e. you can schedule it to be sent on a specific date and a specific time. There is also an option to avail delivery reports for every SMS.

Only a few limitations can be pointed out when compared to the several advantages that this feature provides. One of the limitations is that you cannot send a message which has more than 160 characters. The other limitation is that you can only send messages, but not receive any, through this facility.

Sending Result Using Bulk SMS Video

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