250 Question OMR Sheet Sample

250 Question OMR Sheet Sample

The use of OMR sheets for entrance and other competitive examinations has become very common. The main reason for this is that the sheets are checked by the OMR software within no time. Moreover, the results are also error free. As these sheets have become a common phenomenon for entrance examinations, private coaching classes and colleges have also started using these OMR sheets for providing practice for their students.

It is for the reason of practice that we have provided 250 question OMR sheet sample below. This sheet has been designed using the Addmen OMR sheet designing software. As it is a general OMR answer sheet, you can use it for your practice sessions.

Sheet Features: 

Download the 250 question OMR sheet sample provided below in black & white or colored format. You may use a regular inkjet or a laser printer for printing the sheet.