IIT JEE OMR Sheet 2008 Pattern

IIT JEE OMR Sheet 2008 Pattern

For your reference, we have provided an IIT JEE OMR sheet 2008 pattern here. Use it to get acquainted with the IIT JEE test pattern. IIT uses a complex OMR test pattern for conducting their entrance exams. Besides, solving previous year's question papers would help you test your knowledge self-determine improvement areas.

Types of Questions in 2008 IIT JEE – Paper I & Paper II

Multiple Choice Questions

Both Paper I and Paper II contain MCQs with four answer choices each. While most OMR based exams feature questions that only have one answer each, this is not the case with IIT JEE. In IIT JEE, students may have to select more than one answer options for some questions, to secure the full score for those questions.

Integer Type Questions

Matrix Type Questions:

The OMR sheet of IIT 2008 includes all these patterns. You can download the sheets here for practice purposes.

JEE OMR Sheet PDF file for direct printing of sample OMR Answer Sheet . 2 Coloured JEE OMR Sheet sample PDF for Inkjet Printer & Offset Printing