IIT JEE OMR Sheets PDF for Practice

The layout of OMR sheets differ with the various types of competitive examinations held across India. While some OMR tests are comprised of simple MCQ based objective examinations, others feature complex test patterns like column matching, matrix type and integer type questions, etc. IIT JEE, conducted nationwide each year, uses complex patterns as such, and Addmen has been catering to IIT JEE since 2006.

Here are the different types of questions found in IIT JEE OMR test sheets:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Matrix Type Questions Based on Column Matching or Multiple Question Based on Passage Comprehension

Integer Type Question Based on Numerical Solution Questions

Addmen's OMR sheet designing software is flexible enough to cater to all these requirements, and hence is being used for preparing the IIT JEE OMR sheets since long.

Here, we have provided some  IIT JEE OMR sheets  PDF for practice. You can download these sheets for free and print them using laser or inkjet printer.

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