OMR Sheet

Find Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions and Candidate Queries About Exams Based on Optical Mark Reading Pattern Using OMR Sheets and Download Free OMR Sheet Samples of Important Competition Exams in India

The Addmen OMR software is the most sought after software for reading and evaluating OMR answer sheets. The reason for this is that this software processes the sheets in a short time; it can read and evaluate three scanned OMR sheets in one second. Due to this, several entrance and competition exams in India use OMR sheets as their answer sheets.

Types of OMR Sheets

Apart from the ease of processing the sheets, the OMR software is also popular because it helps in designing different types of sheets. These include normal MCQ type sheets, two-sided/duplex sheets, carbonless sheets, two-part OMR sheets, etc.

The MCQ type OMR sheets can hold up to 300 questions with 4-5 options. In case of two-sided OMR sheets, the questions can be printed on both sides of the sheet. The carbonless OMR sheets are those where a copy is attached to the main sheet. The students can take the copy with them after the examination.

As most entrance examinations make use of the OMR sheets, candidates or students have several queries about filling and handling them. Let us find some answers for the most frequently asked questions about OMR sheets and Optical Mark Reading pattern.

Instructions for Filling OMR Sheets

The instructions for filling the OMR sheets are always provided on the answer sheet. Students have to read these instructions carefully at the beginning of the examination, to avoid losing marks due to silly mistakes. The rules for filling the sheets may not be the same for every examination. However, there are some general instructions that are common:

What are the Common Mistakes to be Avoided?

Knowing about the common mistakes that most students make while filling the OMR sheets would help to avoid them. Let us take a look at some of them:

What are the General Instructions for Handling OMR Sheets?

As filling and handling of OMR sheets have to be done with care, it sometimes becomes necessary to practice on the sheets beforehand. With this purpose in mind, we have provided sample OMR sheets. You can download free OMR sheet samples from here.