OMR Test Software Step 4: View Results

Addmen OMR software is known to offer the most convenient opportunity to view the results. It generates results that can be accessed from different platforms like computer and Smart Phones. Hence it is increasingly becoming popular. Once the results are generated, they are texted or mailed to the students. But it is the evaluation methodology that has impressed it users. The reports generated offer detailed graphical analysis.

Using the software is extremely easy. You can calculate the OMR result and view the mark lists. This is possible because the result layouts are pre-designed. Various MCQ test result formats are made available by the OMR test software. Getting a detailed analysis of the tests is made easy and possible.

You can view mark lists through the detailed OMR sheet data. There is no chance that the checking software would fail to check the data and pass inaccurate marks. In case there are any errors, they would be prompted by the software and thus you can make changes.

Interestingly it offers the freedom to the user to pick the format in which he would want the report. Right from the most basic report to the complex ones are available with the software. The primary use of such formats is to produce results & reports in desired formats. Once you get the test results, you can either mail or text the results to Smart phones.

The detailed OMR sheet data is available in various MCQ test result formats. The demo video of step 4 would explain the reporting interface in detail.