College Exam Marks Management

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Examinations are the toughest times in colleges, universities and institutes as they require rigorous approach for conducting exams, its evaluation and documentation. The outcome of these exams is documented in scores which needs to be structured and organized through college management software. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) is one such college automation system that manages marks list, academic reports, grading schemes, marks statements, etc. Having an internal educational management software like ECAS for customized marks management is important for both colleges as well for students. Colleges can arrange the marks of students in orderly manner. Students can view their progress reports online.


Examination and Marks Sheet Selection

Let us look at the components and features of this college management system:


College Exam Marks Management Software

Benefits of using ECAS

Such unique client-based personalization and customizations readily available in the software makes ECAS the best college administration software in the market today.