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Learning Management Software
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Library Management Software

A library is a huge storage of informational materials for students and staff members. These informational materials usually consist of books, journals, guides, practical manuals, magazines, CDs, etc. Classifying, organizing the books and managing them as per the author, subject, etc. is a very complex task and so the need of a library management software arises. Similarly, registration of books, cataloguing, books circulation, books purchase and keeping records of these books becomes difficult especially when all books are kept in a single storage space. The library management module is very similar to the inventory management module in ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation Software). p>Schools, colleges, universities and coaching institutes are stepping towards smart ways of learning through automated educational software. In this competitive world where technology is used to enhance every human experience, educational institutes don’t want to fall behind in developing new ways of learning. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation Software) is one such learning management software which uses latest technology to facilitate modern ways of learning to develop overall skills and abilities of students. Let us look at how ECAS can be used as the best learning management software by educational institutes.

Library Management Panels in ECAS

Benefits of Library Management Software

Such simplified solution of complex tasks of a university management system has been incorporated into a single and dynamic software, that is, ECAS.

Library Management Software
Library Management Software
Library Management Software

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