College Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software for College


ECAS is a browser-based educational software that runs on a server and can be accessed from various terminals on their web browsers. Such a versatile system is mandatory to coordinate among different departments in an institute. Especially when it comes to inventory management operations like checking stock availability, items purchase, updating stocks, segregating equipments into groups, etc. These stock items could be lab equipments, stationery items, chemicals, specimens, etc. All such diverse group of items needs to be organized and allocated to their respective departments. All these operations come under inventory management and ECAS precisely and accurately handles such detailed tasks through its user-friendly interface.


Features of Inventory System in ECAS

This is how the inventory management of schools, colleges and universities can be controlled and coordinated efficiently with the help of such a client-customized university management software.

ecas attendance management
ecas attendance management