Online Application System

ecas attendance management


Addmen has become synonymous to OMR as it manufactures the best OMR software which is used by several government organizations, educational institutes, companies, etc. Along with the OMR software, it offers several other products, one of them being the online application system. This system is used for recruitment purpose where candidates from any part of the country can apply for a particular job or post.

The online application system can be integrated with the recruitment portal of the company website. When candidates apply online, the administration can view these forms through ECAS, i.e., Enhanced Campus Automation System. This software helps to facilitate the administration of educational institution as well as ease up the recruitment process.


Submitting Online Application

Scrutinizing Online Application

The online application system makes the recruitment process extremely simple and efficient. It is a great tool for organizations and companies who want to recruitment drives on a large scale.

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ecas attendance management