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School Management Software Basic Modules and Features

Schools usually consist of classes from standard 1 to standard 10, while some schools may also have kindergarten and junior college. Whatever be the type of courses offered by the school or the number of children studying there, managing the administration work can be taxing. This is where ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation System, which is a school management software, can be of help. Let us take a look at some of the features of this software.

Enquiry and Admission Management System

This software from Addmen has a module that takes care of all the admission needs of the school.

Enquiry and Admission Management System
Student Panel

Attendance Management

Recording and maintaining the attendance of students and teachers is no longer a difficult task.

Mark Attendance

Fee Account Management

This school management software is a great tool to handle the process of fee payment.

Fee Account Management

Library Management

Report Panel

Apart from the above given features, ECAS also offers modules like time-table management, academics management, hostel and transport management, student document control, etc.

Enhanced Campus Automation System or Software is designed in such a way that it has all the elements that are necessary for the smooth functioning of school administration.

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