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Time Table Management Software

Addmen is a leading provider for smart educational software for schools and top universities that permits you to automate all aspects of administration and ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation Software) is one such dynamic school automation software that helps you organize one of the many structured elements of an institute like time-table management.


Manual Time-Table Generation

Managing time-table manually involves calculated logic and distribution of periods among faculty, class and subject. It is a very tedious and complex process and one cannot afford to make mistakes as the whole institute can go haywire. So we need a campus automation software like ECAS to take care of all these tasks without any errors.

Automatic Time-Table Generation using ECAS

It also provides some additional features like grouping of subjects into academic/non-academic, curricular/extra-curricular, etc; short codes for subject names, etc.

This is how ECAS can be used for planning time-table optimally by schools, colleges, universities, coaching classes and other educational institutes.

ecas attendance management
ecas attendance management
ecas attendance management
ecas attendance management

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