Optical Character Recognition Software

The Addmen OMR software is used to read, evaluate and process OMR data from OMR sheets, most likely, OMR answer sheets and OMR forms. The software presents this OMR data in different output formats including Excel. Although it is mainly used for OMR recognition, it can also be used for OCR scanning.

What is OCR?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology used to read printed text and converting it into digital data for further processing. All kinds of words and numbers can be read by the OCR software except for mathematical expressions and formulas.

OCR Solutions in Addmen OMR Software

The OCR technology is programmed into the Addmen OMR software to read printed numbers on forms as well as answer sheets. Certain application forms have form numbers or serial no. pre-printed on them. Some answer sheets also have roll numbers of candidate pre-printed on OMR sheets. When such OMR sheets are read by the OMR software, the optical character reader software in OMR reads these pre-printed roll numbers and form numbers for candidate identification. Similarly, it can read various OMR forms like application forms, admission forms and other special OMR forms.

The other distinct capability of OCR recognition software feature in OMR is to read barcodes printed on OMR sheets. Barcodes are only machine readable and used to secure a candidate’s identity from the risk of human manipulation. The integrated OCR technology in Addmen OMR software reads barcodes precisely and thus, eliminates the use of a separate barcode reading machine.

Manual reading of printed text in forms and answer sheets is not required which is prone to human errors. The Optical Character Recognition software was incorporated into Addmen OMR software to offer a unique and complete OMR solution for recognizing different types of OMR sheets with 100% accuracy.