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Addmen uses it OMR professional version for test checking of recruitment exams. This software is the fastest OMR solution that exists in the market today. It can process around 10000 OMR sheets/hour.

The software is flexible and is able to adapt all patterns of negative marking or section wise scoring. The software is capable of printing and reading Barcode It can also read Qcode and Lithocode. Software has extended feature for parallel processing of multiple folders. It has options to read on "Auto mode" to maximize the volume reading in minimum time and "Alert mode" to solve any filling issues at the time of reading only.

It can also read digitally printed numbers using OCR and if required it also has ICR component to collect handwritten information. Various combinations and features of the software can be used as per the need of the project.

The software is flexible and does to require any sheet specific programming. So sometimes user feel that we would require time to customize the software according to their evaluation pattern but this is not the case. The Addmen OMR has almost all required features ready in a client end customizable state so it does not take us more than few minutes to change the settings and make it work according to your requirement.

Recruitment OMR Test Results can be obtained in SQL, Access, Excel, XML, CSV, PDF etc...

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