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Addmen is a leader in providing OMR Software Solutions which include OMR Software, OMR Sheet & OMR Scanners and OMR sheet reading outsourcing services in India for MCQ OMR Answer Sheet checking and OMR Form reading.

Besides solution for OMR evaluation process, we also provide state-of-the-art online recruitment system for facilitating Online Recruitment process. This includes development of online recruitment portal equipped with Online Application Form and online recruitment testing software for conducting Online Recruitment Test. At the end of the process, is the evaluation of OMR answer sheets or Online Test and get the recruitment exam results

Broadly classified, Recruitment process involves following steps:

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Most sensitive government organizations and several big organizations rely on Addmen solutions for facilitating their recruitment and selection processes.

Here's a brief indicative clients list of Government Clients using our OMR software or online recruitment services, which gives a clear picture of the consistency & reliability of our products & services: