Optical Character Recognition Software

The Addmen OMR software is used for reading OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) answer sheets as well as OMR forms. In these OMR sheets, the software has to detect, read and sometimes evaluate the OMR marks. The data received from these sheets are provided in different output formats like Excel. While Addmen is the most popular OMR software, it also has OCR or Optical Character Recognition feature.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a technology that helps in reading printed text. This technology has the capability to transfer the printed text into digital data. The only thing that the OCR cannot read is mathematical formulas or expressions. Apart from this, every other printed text, be it words or numbers can be read by the OCR software.

OCR in Addmen OMR Software

This OCR technology is available in Addmen OMR software. The OMR software uses it to read printed numbers on forms as well as answer sheets. In some answer sheets, the roll numbers are pre-printed on the sheets to avoid mistakes made by the students in writing their roll numbers. When the answer sheets are read by the OMR software, the OCR software reads the printed roll number to recognize as to which paper belongs to which student. The same applies to OMR forms like admission forms, application forms and also certain special OMR forms.

The OCR technology can also help to read barcodes printed on OMR sheets. Barcodes are used to conceal the identity of the students from the examiner to prevent manipulations during evaluation. With the OCR technology, the Addmen OMR software is able to read the barcodes, without the need of using a separate barcode reading machine or equipment.

The presence of Optical Character Recognition software in Addmen OMR software has made the latter much sought-after software today. As the printed text in forms and answer sheets are read by the software, there is no need to do it manually, which sometimes may lead to errors. The Addmen OMR software with OCR technology reads data 100% accurately.