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Difference Between OMR, OCR & ICR

Addmen OMR Optical Mark Reading software

  • Reads OMR bubbles

  • Reads OCR form numbers

  • Reads ICR from Hand-Written Character

  • Reads Barcodes

  • Captures Handwritten text as images

  • Captures photographs pasted on OMR Sheet

What is OMR?

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition refers to the process of reading and collecting data from the scanned images of completed answer sheets. The process involves reading of black marks made by pen or pencils, to check the answers and evaluate results. The software does not detect language, and all evaluations are done on the basis of size and intensity of the black marks in correlation with the set answer key. Results generated are 100% accurate and the technology is very reliable when it comes to generating merit lists.

Large educational institutions typically use Optical Mark Readers or OMR Readers for quickly collecting data from admission forms and for checking and evaluating OMR answer sheets and MCQ tests. Optical Mark Readers can be obtained as:

What is OCR?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a supportive technology that helps convert large quantities of printed text into digital data. The technology works with an average of 80% accuracy while reading printed text, but it can’t make anything of formulas or mathematical expressions, due to which they cannot be used for examination evaluations. Addmen OMR software incorporates OCR for reading printed form numbers and such.

What is ICR?

Intelligent Character Recognition is also a supportive module as part of the Addmen OMR software solutions and is used for reading handwritten text. ICR works with 60% accuracy and is generally used for collecting data from surveys and application forms. The resulting output is then subject to manual supervision and scrutiny.

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