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Comparison of Addmen OMR Software With Other OMR Solutions

Negative Points

Positive Points

To draw a comparative analysis amongst various OMR Solutions available in the market, we need to understand the basics of each type.

In nutshell, there are 3 major parts of the OMR Process and Addmen OMR Pro excels in all:
  1. OMR sheet design and print;

  2. OMR sheet scanning;

  3. Reading & Processing through OMR Software;

Comparison on the Basis of - OMR Sheets

OMR Sheets are a major part of the OMR process and imposes a high running cost, BUT by virtue Addmen’s OMR Solution, the user has complete control over OMR Sheet design and OMR sheet printing through a very simple process.

Even other software give you freedom to design, but what may look same by name is lot different in functionality & utility as their process is typical and has lots of constraints. Hence, it requires a user with high geometric skill to design sheets, which is time consuming. And users finally submit by using whatever is available rather than venturing into new OMR sheet design.

Other OMR Solutions OMR Sheets

Sheets have to be manually aligned bubble matrix. Takes too much time to design.

Later a print is scanned and each bubble is calibrated manually by overlapping reading areas which is tedious and involves high skill.

Only 2-color OMR sheets based on color dropping system can be made and used.

High OMR sheet cost at around Rs.1.25 per sheet, which you will need to purchase from specialized paper vendors.

Thick paper and accurate cutting of size is critical for accuracy.

You have to order in advance & maintain stock because procurement takes time.

For multi-location use, sheets need to be supplied from central stores.

Addmen OMR Software OMR Sheets

Sheets can be designed by drag-dropping bubbles. Software does auto-alignment & snapping. Comparatively negligible design time.

Definition and calibration is done automatically.

Single color sheets can be made which are mostly used. 2- color sheets can also be made.

Negligible cost of OMR Sheet around Rs. 0.50 per sheet. Laser Prints, photocopies and local offset press-all is welcome.

Normal A4 copier sheet or any offset paper can be used.

Laser prints can be used in emergency.

Sheets can be printed by individual centres or users with variations.

Comparison on the basis of - Scanning of OMR Sheets

OMR Scanning is crucial as it requires additional purchase and investment. Earlier, bulky, costly OMR machines were used for the purpose. But after Addmen’s initiative and success of Image based OMR technology, image scanners are used – a drastic drop in cost.

Other OMR Solutions OMR Sheet Scanning Process

Most solution use only 2-Color, color dropping based sheets, which obviously requires only a professional color-dropping capable image scanner. So the choice is less and cost is high.

Some solutions still require big OMR scanners or OMR Checking machine, the technology is almost obsolete and in use by only those who have already got into it. There are seldom any new buyers.


Lowest available ADF model with color dropping feature – INR 25000/- (approx).

Addmen OMR Solutions OMR Sheet Scanning Process

As told, we can design and use both B/w and color sheets, so,

  • Low end multifunction printer/scanner without color dropping facility, generally available in offices can be used,
  • Professional document scanners with color dropping can be used
  • Office copiers like Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Panasonic can also be used because they scan only in B/w.
  • Even a flatbed scanner if quantity is less.

Lowest available ADF scanner model – INR 7500/- (approx).

Comparative Advantages of Addmen OMR Solution Over OMR Machine Based Solutions

OMR Machine based solutions are obsolete in the age of Image based OMR Software solutions, and seldom have any new buyers but still used by only those who have already got into it.

Addmen OMR Solution

Distributed System & Multiple Deployments

Scanning and Evaluation are two separate processes. Sheets can be scanned and image sent through email or FTP at central evaluation location.

For multi-location deployment, economical additional licenses can be used.

Obvious advantages

Softwares can be maintenance and  updated remotely from distant locations.

Software is Ageless


Even if the software needs to be amended, the changes are made quickly and implemented at client end with ease. No personnel to be sent no chip to be changed.

Machine Based OMR Solutions

Solid state mechanism. Sheets should be physically present at the location of evaluation.

For multi-location deployment, equally prized hardwares to be used.


Physical handling, Maintenance & upkeep,update needs personnel presence.

Mechanical movement causes wear and thus has an age. Sensitive to dirt, dust, heat and moisture.


OMR Machines operate on PLC based logics and are not as quickly and easily customizable. This is the major reason of failure when recent trends as mainly decided by IITs are really very volatile.

Comparison on the Basis of - OMR Software

Addmen was the first to deliver a successful OMR Software with a totally new and proprietary technological approach which is absolutely different from all the other software and makes OMR solution much simpler and user friendly.

Through its market impact Addmen’s OMR Software had forced other companies to modulate their existing solutions to somehow meet the blow with little incumbent improvisations.

The vision behind the development itself speaks all about the future of the product.

Other OMR Solutions OMR Software

History & Background
7-8 years back OMR users were limited and OMR scanner Machines were the only available solution and so were well known.

Only big Examination bodies and Govt. organizations were able to afford. Even the test patterns were simple so it was manageable.

There were no successful OMR softwares.

Price Factor
Earlier OMR Machine scanners used to cost starting Rs. 3.5-50 Lacs. Today, most economic China made Hardware Scanners are available for at least Rs. 180000/- per scanner. Reasonably acceptable versions reach 250000/- and beyond.

Cost of the OMR Machine and OMR Sheet and technical complexities were a big deterrent. The expanse of OMR usage led to development of OMR Software, which eliminated the need of costly machine but other systems still use the same old sheet pattern, which is fairly expensive.

Thick paper and accurate cutting of size is critical for accuracy. Folds have a negative effect of acceptance of sheet and accuracy of result.


Speed of processing largely depends on the speed of the scanner used, which varies with low-end to high-end scanners.

Addmen OMR Solution OMR Software

With the advent of softwares, a cheap alternative OMR has found market even with smaller organizations. Growth of OMR users market and success of Software are complementary to each other.

Lately most organizations have switched over to OMR based tests and thus a lot of creativity in patterns makes it tricky and frequently needs change.

Since last 7 years, the softwares have fully dominated and almost eliminated the use of H/w Scanners.

After the advent of software available at just 10% of the cost of OMR scanners, the market of scanners came down drastically.

Sheet price is negligible and scanner price is flexible.

Addmen was the first to launch a successful and altogether different approach to OMR that offers economy, flexibility, independence and accuracy.


We do not consider the term “% accuracy”. Our software is absolute (100%) accurate even for tilted and skewed sheets.


Our software checks 1 to 4 sheets/sec depending upon PC speed.
OMR Software Better then OMR Machine
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