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Answer Sheet Checker OMR Software or OMR Sheet Check Software is widely used by educational institutions for conducting objective exam based on MCQ Test pattern, in order to get quick & accurate test results.

OMR Form Reader is a handy software that can be used for collecting data for marketing, and for administering admission processes and to collect and store candidate information.

 Addmen Optical Mark Reader

OMR Software Main Interface

OMR Sheet Checker Software

OMR Software for checking of OMR Tests (Objective tests) having Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

OMR Answer Sheet Check Software is a fast and efficient way of checking and marking objective examinations. OMR Software reads OMR Sheets and produces detailed reports, which allow for in-depth analysis of individual students, groups of students, questions and topics.

OMR Solution considerably saves time, but it is the reporting facility that often proves to be of most interest as it allows for an analysis of student understanding of items of knowledge and has implications for potential improvements in teaching and learning.

OMR Form Reader

OMR Software for reading of OMR Application Forms or OMR Admission Forms 

OMR Form Reader is a fast and efficient way of collecting and processing questionnaire, survey, feedback, application form data using OMR Forms or OMR Sheet designed for the purpose.

OMR Form reader is capable of reading OMR Application Form no. using Optical Character Reading (OCR) technology. OMR Form reader also captures candidate photo and signature images in OMR Answer Sheet and OMR Forms.

Accuracy of OMR Results

Addmen OMR Softwares are 100% accurate and deliver results with 100% accuracy even for tilted or skewed sheets.

Unlike other OMR Solutions where it is essential to maintain straight scanning of OMR Sheet but in case of Addmen OMR Software, the OMR Software automatically rotates and corrects tilted OMR sheets to deliver accurate results.

The accuracy of the results is not affected by thickness of the paper or color of OMR Sheet printing. The accuracy is also unaffected by the number of OMR sheets to be read.

The OMR Software has intelligent OMR Scanning defect detection mechanism which automatically adjusts OMR Reader parameter in case of different modes of OMR scanning in the same lot of OMR Sheets. Thus minimizing the case of rejection to almost zero.

Computer/PC Requirement for OMR

OMR Sheet Reader  runs well on any computer running onWindows XP, Vista, 7/8. You don’t need Internet connection to scan the sheets using the OMR Software.

Speed of OMR Software

Instant and detailed OMR test results of more than 500 OMR Sheets is achieved in about 10 minutes.

The speed of OMR form reading is unaffected by the number of OMR sheets to be read.

OMR Software Cost

OMR Sheet printing for OMR Software is simple and user can print their own OMR Sheets on normal copier paper. So there is no need to purchase OMR Sheets so running cost is minimised too.

So OMR Software's are much cheaper as compared to Hardware OMR Scanners Machines. OMR Software is a complete replacement alternative to costly OMR Scanners Technology.

OMR Result on Website

A ready-to-use Online Result module is available on lease which can be linked to your website. The students can login and see their Online Result with OMR Sheet, Graphical Analysis & Solution.

Addmen OMR Software Operation

STEP 1 > Define OMR Test

Set OMR Test Name, Test Date, Subjects, MCQ Counts per section.. Watch Demo Video

STEP 2 > Set OMR Test Answer Key

Manually Feed or paste OMR Test Answer Key from Excel or extract answers using a correct OMR Sheet. Set Marking Scheme & Topic Tags. Watch Demo Video

STEP 3 > Check OMR Sheets

Read & Store OMR Sheet Scanning data. Runtime correction of wrong filling by candidates. Watch Demo Video

STEP 4 > View OMR Results

Calculate OMR Result, view marklists, statistics, detailed graphical analysis & detailed OMR sheet data in pre-designed result layouts or export to Access, Excel, Dbase or XML.

MCQ Test / OMR Test Management Features

MCQ Test Result / OMR Test Result Outputs

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