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Recruitment Test Quick Results using Addmen Answer Sheet Checker Software

Addmen is a forerunner in providing recruitment software in India. We provide OMR Sheet Checking Software for in-house scanning of OMR application forms and OMR answer sheets by your recruitment team.

We provide end-to-end Recruitment Solutions for managing OMR based recruitment and selection process on all the following steps:

Quick Results using OMR Test Checking Software

Addmen OMR Test Checker Software is very versatile and highly capable of processing huge volumes to deliver quick results.

Section Wise Result List
Candidate Responce Data

The professional version of Addmen OMR software can process around 10000 OMR sheets/hour. However, the actual time of declaration of results does not purely depend upon the scanning speed and software processing speed. The major time is consumed in solving the issues created by candidates in case of improper filling of roll numbers.

Instant Results through Online Test System

If the selection test is conducted using the online test mechanism, then the results can be instantly declared as soon as the test is over. The results get auto compiled at the end of the test duration.

Click here for Information regarding Instant Results through Online Test System

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