All about Question Shuffling Software for MCQ tests

Question Shuffle Software is same as Question Paper Generator or Question Bank Software. Here we will address specifically to features related to Question Selection & Shuffling of the MCQ question and answer to make multiple question papers. Mostly Institutes and teachers avoid making multiple sets of question papers because it is a repetitive and time consuming process which involves both teacher and the computer operator. Institutions that conduct frequent MCQ tests like coaching classes for competitive exams can use this Question Shuffling Software to create multiple sets of test papers with simultaneously shuffled Answer Keys in minutes without much dependency on computer operators. Entrance exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE, CPMT, MH-CET, GUJ-CET, CA-CPT, Bank PO, UPSC and OMR Tests that are taken by various education institutes for entrance and scholarship use this software.

Following are the key features of this software. We can save unlimited Test Blueprints/Test Definitions to the question paper software and generate question paper using them, whenever required. For any given Question Paper Blueprint, many different groups of suitable questions can be selected. First basic set of questions is selected using the software and finalized with manual decision if required. Multiple Question Paper sets can be created for same group of selected questions by shuffling them automatically using the Shuffling option of the software. When Test Paper Generator creates a shuffled set, Questions of two different sections do not get mixed. When a test paper is shuffled, only the questions within a particular section are shuffled amongst themselves. For example questions of physics are shuffled within physics and questions of chemistry are shuffled within chemistry. Question generator software creates printable output of the shuffled test paper for MCQ OMR Tests and it also generates linear tabular soft copy output of the shuffled MCQ test which can be used as an input to Online Test System. Answer key is also shuffled along with the question paper and a new answer key is created for every shuffled set of test paper. The answer key of the multiple set of a test paper can also be imported to the OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software automatically for OMR based MCQ Test Checking

Addmen Question Shuffling Software

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