Automate your campus with online campus automation software

Addmen Group provides online campus automation software is the software which is specially made for helping colleges and schools for keeping the all data and track of student starting from their admissions till there result. This software can provide you all the data of individual student’s admission fees, Id no and all the personal information. There are so many branches and syllabus available while taking admission into colleges so it’s gets simpler and easier with ECAS which is known for enhanced campus automation software. ECAS will help to distinguish and maintain data according to different streams of college and also according to student admissions date, student with remaining fees, student according to their results. In all domain of college online campus automation software will store information regarding to particular domain and it is very user friendly to handle.

There are numerous programs of studies that can be used for college administration. Register, documents, online tests, etc. are some of the modules accessible with college model of Enhanced Campus Automation System or Software. This software is useful in all different areas of college like library, exam section, and administrator so from inquiry counseling to admissions, making ID card to setting question paper and providing result all this task gets easier with online campus automation software.

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Customize your question bank with Addmen Group’s Question Bank Software

Making question bank and keeping their record gets easy with Addmen group’s question bank software. We provide you proper software for generating a multiple type questions as well as subjective type questions. With the help of this software you can make question bank on several topics and syllabus. Now all your complicated and tedious work of making questions gets simple with Addmen group’s question bank software.  This software helps you to create series of question papers and you don’t have to worry about storing them. All the questions made with the help of this software will get manage according to categories and you can simply sort them.

We know that making question paper and conducting examination is the most time consuming and hectic task, for most of the school, colleges and educational institutes. This the reason Addmen group’s have several platforms like CBT software, OMR software, & question bank software one can set question bank parameters as per the requirement of any institute and organization. You will get a proper guidance for setting and generating question paper on any topic and into an appropriate manner. Addmen group’s question bank software is useful for teachers, students; tutor as well as you can use it for the company’s recruitment process.

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Track Attendance with Addmen Group’s Attendance Management Software

Until now you have used traditional method for marking the attendance of employees & students. But now we have introduced you a new technology for attendance marking. Addmen group’s Attendance Management Software is basically designed to save your time & work. Marking and keeping track of attendance everyday is very tedious and complicated work but attendance management software made it easy with the help of ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System).

ECAS uses advance technology such as Smart card machines and Bio-metric devices to mark attendance. These are all less time consuming techniques, error free and very user-friendly. Bio metric machines use the thumb impression or face detection method to recognize person’s identity. These software’s are real time software and we get a perfect time records of employee with the help of these. ECAS provides you detail records of monthly attendance charts according to all the different category of students and employee. We get a proper time in and time out log reports from Attendance management software in an appropriate manner, providing a proper date and time.




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Prepare for your bank PO exam with Addmen group’s online practice test

Addmen group’s online test preparation software is useful for conducting all type of online examinations. The software comes with an easy interface and can be incorporated easily. This will help you to crack your final exam of Bank PO that is IBPS PO, SBI PO & SBI Associate PO and etc. We provide you an Online Practice test for bank PO with Instant Explanation and result. Get experience of this most inclusive online preparation portal for MBA, Banking and Government exams. We provide you range of mock tests and study material and you will easily access this with your PC and mobile.
Try this online practice tests for Bank PO exam and determine your expertise in the particular field. Analyze results and get comprehensive service of the Addmen group’s online practice test for bank PO which helps you for your prelims as well as mains. This software is an efficient online training for candidates, who search for proper test questions and material. With this you will get a complete understanding regarding where you rest with thousands of candidates and what your weak areas are beside with your strong areas and ability.

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Automate institute work with ECAS

If you are running multiple coaching institutes and want to maintain your administrative work, Addmen group’s institute management software have all the features which you are looking for..
Enhanced Campus Automation System is known as ECAS which plays vital role in institute management system. We provide you excellent services through the initial stage of Business development. ECAS has software’s on attendance management, library management online campus automation, employee management, stock management, and many more.
Due to a large facility provided by ECAS you get rid of all type of manual work, all time consuming stuff gets easy here. Institute management system provided by will help you from beginning to the end. It starts from the admissions enquiry and ends on students result card.
We have software’s on online test, OMR software, CBT Software, Result Card printing software’s. We also have Digital system for Result Evaluation, Marks Tabulation. With the help of Bulk SMS and Android Score Board, declarations of results get simple. Now you can keep track of all students’ information, in order to keep their data about result, attendance and fees. With the help of ECAS it gets easier to communicate with parents as well. They can easily get information about their children’s.

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Addmengroup’s Advanced OMR for Professionals

The Addmen OMR software is intended to read a huge number of OMR sheets in a short period of time. Moreover, distinct types of sheets can be read by the software, which consist of forms, answer sheets, ballot papers, etc. This makes Addmengroup the best OMR software company, with clients not only in India but also in foreign countries.

The advanced OMR reader software not only has the capability to read the bubbles and tick marks but also to read handwritten digits (ICR), printed digits (OCR), image and barcodes. This is a characteristic that is completely accessible for those who use the innovative version of the OMR software.

In advanced OMR Sheet Reading Features, one can easily edit data while reading sheets, this software reads 10000 sheets per hour and SQL database of this software enhances the competence of processing the sheets. Designing the OMR answer sheets with the advanced OMR software is rapid and stress-free. You can set the chunks of the OMR sheets manually throughout the designing process. You can drag and drop the grids to generate answer sheets and forms as you want.

The advanced OMR for professionals is helpful if you have a necessity to scan enormous number of OMR sheets at a certainly short period of time.

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Design of OMR answers sheets

Addmen Group’s OMR answer sheets are usually used by educational organization for conducting entrance or scholarship exams, institutes that conduct practice tests for entrance examinations, government and private organizations for enrollment tests and any association that has to conduct multiple-choice based (MCQ) tests. The format of OMR answer sheet differs based on the requirements of educational organization. OMR sheet contains question marks and answer bubbles.

OMR sheet contain space for questions blocks, MCQ question has 4 to 5 blocks for each questions, it also contains matrix and integer type block too.

Roll No, block is also important section of OMR sheet. Sometimes OMR sheet has pre-printed barcode which can be read by OMR answer sheet checker software. Many entrance exams has more than one set of questions papers. So in such cases, test paper code is useful for recognition by the OMR software.  Some OMR test sheets contain numerous fields to collect the individual info of the applicant.

Each OMR answer sheet has a section that offers guidelines for filling the OMR sheets. However, the content of this segment would be dissimilar for each examination and therefore its format, position and dimension would vary. This division may also comprise space for signature of the supervisor, undergraduate and the administrator. Even though one can change the format and look of OMR sheet as per organization’s requirement



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Student feedback form: Improve the quality of education

Presently almost all colleges uses OMR sheet as student feedback form as they are read by OMR software, which overcomes the manual checking and feeding of information in computer. OMR based student feedback form used for faculty feedback in college which is designed by Addmengroup’s OMR software. Many educational organizations like schools, colleges, coaching institutes takes students feedback for enhancing the quality of education and teaching strategies.

At the top of OMR feedback form, there is area for the college/Institute name, with the guidelines for filling the form. Candidates have to provide their assessments. Each staff is appraised on the base of technique of education, subject awareness, power of clarification, accomplishment of prospectus, and answer to questions, use of illustrations or diagrams, and behavior with scholars’ interest to new thoughts or disagreements. Scholars also have to give general feedback for all lecturer.

At the end of OMR feedback form, there is space for the name and signature of the scholar.

One can have this student’s feedback form for collecting the valuable feedback to enrich quality education and tutoring methods

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What is OMR sheets?

OMR Sheets can be found in the examination corridors where applicant need to put checking for answer choice. These sheets are typical forms which come with bubbles or boxes for the applicants to tick the answers. OMR Sheets scanners are used to scan the OMR sheet to obtain the results.

OMR Sheets v/s Other Bubbles Sheets

  • OMR sheets are seen considering index point by the software to scan the appropriate responses in like manner. Index points are set apart on the OMR sheets on the four corners.
  • Index point has critical influence in denoting the bubbles. It ought to be dark in shading and not greater than the size of the appropriate response bubbles. There ought to be no dirt collection on them.
  • The OMR answer sheet comprises a space where the applicant has to fill his/her roll number which is imperative for the processer to recognize the exact individual. This chunk may also comprise area for test ID, test paper code, etc. All these arenas should be completed appropriately for correct reading and recognition of the scholar or applicant.
  • One should use black or blue ball point pen to mark the OMR sheets. Gel pens, fountain pens and markers should be eluded

Candidate should not write any content on sheet specially near index points , This can cause problem in reading process of software

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OMR sheet samples for practicing Competitive exams

OMR software can be used in various government sectors and educational organization to conduct their examination or entrance exams. When it comes to examination, examiner and candidates both wants easy and stress free method to appear for exam. OMR is measured as a reliable tool that can be united to carry out the examination. Previous methods of conducting MCQ based examination are required lots of human intervention but now Addmengroup’s OMR software to serve their necessities of processing the OMR answer sheets. The main worry of an applicant is to score well in a competitive exams. Daily practice with OMR sheet sample will help an apprentice to form confidence and implement well in the final examination. One can download free OMR sheet samples for practicing Competitive exams from Addmen Group’s website. We provide a range of OMR sheets sample that you can use for practice.

Here are some tips about OMR sheet

  • Fill your answer in space provided for purpose. OMR sheet bubble has to be filled using HB pencil/Black Pen. Do not over write answers
  • OMR sheet contains bubbles or circles which can be filled completely darken to mark your response
  • Do not only tick the OMR bubbles
  • Do not punch or staple the OMR sheet
  • Do not scratch or fold OMR answer sheet
  • Do not mark more than one circle for single question, this kind of answers will considered as wrong

This tips will definitely help you to score well in any type of OMR based examinations. Visit us to more about the guidelines of filling OMR sheets

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