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Provision for Changing Answers in OMR

The OMR or Optical Mark Recognition sheet is used for tests or exams which provide multiple options for answers. The answer options are replaced by four or five bubbles, namely ABCD or ABCDE. The student has to read the question, … Continue reading

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OMR Software Saves Your Precious Time and Workforce

Entrance tests are required for different instructional courses along with for employment. Hundreds of people take part in these tests yearly. As a result of the outrageousness of the exams, a lot of these inquiry papers are several option inquiries … Continue reading

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Advanced OMR Software for Professionals from Addmen

The Addmen OMR software program is planned to check out a massive variety of OMR sheets in a short amount of time. In addition, unique kinds of sheets can be reviewed by the software, which consist of kinds, response sheets, … Continue reading

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Addmen’s OMR Form Reader to Save Time and Workforce

OMR is the Optical Mark Recognition software which is used for the purpose of reading OMR sheets, i.e. sheets that are containing blocks or bubbles. Addmengroup provide such useful software with different modules integrated in it. One of the modules … Continue reading

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Basic facts you must know about OMR software

The OMR software is a designed for the purpose of scanning and processing a large number of data from tests, surveys, assessments, and other types of forms and documents. This software is installed in the Optical Mark Recognition scanner or … Continue reading

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Addmen OMR software offers unique combination of OMR and ICR technology for OMR mark sheets

Addmen’s OMR software can read and design OMR mark sheets that have both OMR and ICR elements. Addmen OMR software has introduced OMR mark sheets that are attached to subjective exam answer sheets. These mark sheets make transferring of marks … Continue reading

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How to scan color OMR sheet

Colored OMR sheets scanning For technical and few other reasons, the OMR sheets are printed in different combinations of Red, Green and Blue colors. How to scan color OMR sheet is not a difficult job. Commonly you will find such … Continue reading

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Addmen Group Explains How to Get the Index Points Right

Placement of index points is crucial to ensure an OMR sheet’s compatibility with the OMR software. While murky prints and misplaced index points yield sheet rejections, the OMR reading process is also affected by minor errors like printing other text … Continue reading

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Precautions for printing

  Printing OMR sheets is a simple process. You do not have to spend too much money on special thick sheets or hire a printing company to get the sheets printed. The OMR sheets can be printed on normal white … Continue reading

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OMR scanning features

  Gone are the days when the OMR machine was used to scan and read OMR sheets. The OMR machine has been replaced with the OMR scanning software that is more efficient, fast and less expensive too. The OMR software … Continue reading

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