Basic facts you must know about OMR software

The OMR software is a designed for the purpose of scanning and processing a large number of data from tests, surveys, assessments, and other types of forms and documents. This software is installed in the Optical Mark Recognition scanner or simply the OMR scanner that scans the form or document in order to initiate the data collection procedure. The final OMR software reports are basically the results obtained after the completion of the scanning process. This software has the potential to process large volumes of raw data and convert them into meaningful results.

One of the biggest uses of this software is the scanning of test answer sheet. OMR answer sheet checker software is programmed in such fashion that it can scan and check a large number of OMR sheets without consuming a great amount of time. It greatly reduces the amount of labor and time that would otherwise be spent in the checking of such answer sheets. Because of the effectiveness and simplicity of the procedure, a majority of universities and educational institutions are now using this facility while conducting various types of tests and examinations. Most OMR software are capable of delivering outputs in various formats like PDF, Access, XML, CSV, DBF, etc.

Nevertheless, different educational organizations have different rules and needs and therefore the program is made flexible enough such that changes can be made as per various types of requirements. The software also comes preloaded with a wide range of output and report formats especially the ones that are generally used by colleges and universities. The OMR software is quite flexible and it can work with the traditional OMR scanners easily.

The scanner supported by the software can process a large amount of data and produce results in a precise and accurate fashion. It can detect even the minor anomalies in the answer sheet and thus produce clear-cut results. Once the answer sheets are scanned and the OMR software reports are formed, the software can automatically save the reports. The reports can then be used for various purposes and can even be shared virtually via email or can be printed out as hardcopies.

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