Common Mistakes while filling OMR sheet

OMR sheets are widely used by learning and educational institutions worldwide as they fulfill the requirements of competitive and standard examinations. However, due to the complex nature of the sheet, students often make mistakes in their exam which in turn leads to disappointing outcomes. It is therefore essential for one to keep in mind that even the simple errors can result in the entire OMR sheet being rejected and hence it is important to be a little more cautious while filling the sheet.
Here we will talk about some of the most common errors that people can avoid while filling up such sheets and excel in the examination. One of the most common mistakes that people generally make while filling up such documents is that they don’t go through the instructions properly. There are a number of instructions mentioned for assisting the candidates in the proper filling of the sheet. However, most applicants ignore these instructions completely or read them casually without the required attention. This results in simple errors which in turn lead to the total rejection of the sheet.
Another error that candidates make often during their exams is that they fill up their Set IDs and roll numbers inaccurately leading to the rejection of the entire paper. OMR Sheets are not checked manually and a special scanner does the work automatically. Under such circumstances even the smallest errors can lead to terrible consequences since the scanner is programmed to understand and interpret a selected number of signs, patterns, and symbols.
It is also seen that candidates often mark multiple choices for a single question for which the scanner provide zero or negative marks. The scanner also cannot recognize bubbles that are marked incorrectly and drawing outside the bubble or filling it half can cause errors during the scanning procedure. One must also avoid putting stray markings on the sheet as the scanner will ignore all the questions that are in close proximity to the stray marks. Signing outside the provided box can also lead to zero or negative results since any marks outside the given area will be considered as stray markings and will hence be avoided by the scanner.
All these above errors can be avoided if candidates fill up their papers with vigilance. Since putting any kind of marks and dots in the wrong place can result in zero or negative results, it becomes important for the candidates to be extremely certain about the answer before attempting a question. Anxiety and haste in answering the question paper can also cause errors and mistakes. Moreover, candidates often ignore reading the instructions in their hurry and as a result make mistakes that are severe enough leading to the rejection of the entire paper. In most of these exams, extra time is provided so that students can fill up the important details carefully without any errors. Students must fill up these details carefully in the beginning before answering the questions and make maximum utilization of the extra time.

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