Customize your question bank with Addmen Group’s Question Bank Software

Making question bank and keeping their record gets easy with Addmen group’s question bank software. We provide you proper software for generating a multiple type questions as well as subjective type questions. With the help of this software you can make question bank on several topics and syllabus. Now all your complicated and tedious work of making questions gets simple with Addmen group’s question bank software.  This software helps you to create series of question papers and you don’t have to worry about storing them. All the questions made with the help of this software will get manage according to categories and you can simply sort them.

We know that making question paper and conducting examination is the most time consuming and hectic task, for most of the school, colleges and educational institutes. This the reason Addmen group’s have several platforms like CBT software, OMR software, & question bank software one can set question bank parameters as per the requirement of any institute and organization. You will get a proper guidance for setting and generating question paper on any topic and into an appropriate manner. Addmen group’s question bank software is useful for teachers, students; tutor as well as you can use it for the company’s recruitment process.

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