Enhanced campus automation software

Addmen provides School Management Software with all features including CCE pattern for CBSE Schools. Following are few of the basis features of this software. Detailed classification of admission enquires on basis of course, city, area, type of admission, publicity source etc. can be obtained. Past communication details and future follow-up schedules can be maintained. Periodic graphical business/ counselor analysis. Quick registration based on user-defined fields with user-defined roll no pattern, generation of instant Photo & Barcoded ID Card; Elaborate and efficient search of group/individual based on parameters like name, surname, ID, father’s name, address and many other filters based on any user defined field;  photographs and signatures of student, parents & local guardian, captured through scanning or directly from webcam; every communication through verbal mode or phone is maintained in individual student log book can be recorded. Emails or SMS sent are automatically recorded.

Records of prior degrees, institutes, exams appeared and marks obtained; details of parents, occupation, income, assets and other social data are managed. This maintains records of details of siblings, birth and domicile information, records of seminars, workshops guest lectures and campus interviews attended by candidate and the results and details of companies & employers; biodata of candidates, their height, weight and record of disease/disorders, record of reacting drugs and any medical instructions for quick reference; Records of activities in which student participated, result, comments and prizes won. Documents & certificates submitted or pending for submission and those issued to students is also maintained.


Student Identity Cards

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