Standard Online Test Software Form Addmen

It’s not specific to some internet examination system. Following are some of the qualities and functions of Addmen Online Test Software (OLT) question paper that’s generated. You may create your own online evaluations i.e. online examination questions will be your own. The online test paper is created at a MS Word document in a predetermined format. The online question paper may contain text, diagram, images, formulas and some other font; it may support several structures of queries. MCQ Question paper enter file can be reached by manually by assessing questions that are selected.

All online MCQ questions along with their choices are typed in a file. On uploading of the document, the program will automatically divide questions and choices according to internet evaluation routine. Bilingual Online question newspapers may also be demonstrated if needed. The online exam system program doesn’t perform the translation. The next language text should also be entered by the user at the specified format.

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