Addmen Group Explains How to Get the Index Points Right

Placement of index points is crucial to ensure an OMR sheet’s compatibility with the OMR software. While murky prints and misplaced index points yield sheet rejections, the OMR reading process is also affected by minor errors like printing other text very close to the index points. Addmen developers have long worked on bug fixes and updates, but you may say the index points are form most important parameter that determines the accuracy of the OMR software’s functioning.

It is always advised that you discard misprinted OMR sheets and never use them. In case you are editing a previously used OMR sheet template, then do remember to keep the index points intact. Also, never alter their location after exporting them. Refrain from printing anything (serial number, form number, OMR blocks etc) near the index points. If you are printing OMR sheets that contain a cutting margin, make sure that the index points are placed sufficiently far from the cutting edges.

Offset printing is a little tricky, though. In such cases, a perfect overlapping of different colored index points yields accurate results. For instance, if you’re using black and pink, you need to print the index points in both colors, ensuring a perfect overlap so that there’s no displacement. Also, while scanning the sheets using an image scanner, ensure that you leave sufficient blank space outside the area where the index points are placed.

Addmen OMR software is a highly modern OMR software solution, fully loaded with updates and fixes. Our developers are continuously working to improve its performance. However, there are no fixes to resolve the issues caused by misprinted or misaligned index points. The working and accuracy of any OMR software depends largely on the placement of the index points.


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