Precautions for printing


Printing OMR sheets is a simple process. You do not have to spend too much money on special thick sheets or hire a printing company to get the sheets printed. The OMR sheets can be printed on normal white sheets on a regular printer or an inkjet printer or an offset printer or a digital printer. However, whatever method you choose, there are some precautions for printing that you should know. Let us take a look at them.

  • The size of the OMR sheet should match the size of the design. In other words, the proper dimensions of the design have to be taken care of. Otherwise, there would be problems while scanning and reading the sheet.
  • The OMR sheet is a technical document that is made with precise dimensions. You should not make any changes to the sheet design format.
  • The index points of the OMR sheets are extremely crucial. Do not delete them or move their positions. Also, make sure that these index points are dark black in color.
  • The thickness of the OMR bubbles should not be increased. The OMR software is designed to read dark areas and may consider the bubble edges as the answer. So keep the bubble edges thin.
  • The OMR sheet should be printed by taking the design source file. You can also use CorelDraw software to do the same. However, refrain from using PDF file.
  • It is possible to add things like the logo, name of the organization and such other details on the OMR sheet with the help of Inkscape and CorelDraw.
  • It is extremely crucial that you do not change the position of the index points as well as that of the OMR bubbles before printing.
  • It is important to leave enough space around the index points. Hence, it is best to print on the center of the sheet.
  • The text inside the bubbles should be kept small. Refrain from using bold or big fonts inside the circle.
  • If you have to include a tearing or cutting margin in the OMR sheet, ensure that it is at a good distance from the index points.
  • You can print colored OMR sheets if the preferred pattern of marking is thin strokes or tick marks.
  • Ensure that the OMR sheets are not misaligned or misprinted. It is best not to use such type of sheets.

These precautions for printing should be followed to ensure that you get perfectly printed OMR sheets.

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