Addmen’s Online Multiple Choice Test Maker

As all of you may have seen, academic is taking an IT turn, and many foundations have begun directing examinations online nowadays. Online tests are efficient, can be computerized to a huge degree, and can have room for a huge number of students attending the test from various places.

We, at Addmen Group are leading software providers of the bestselling online multiple choice test maker in India. Our customer not only include large educational bodies in India, but also extended across many other countries. Online multiple choice test maker is an vital part of the Addmen examination management solution and is a commercial means to prepare question papers that can actually estimate the students’ power of knowledge.

Now you can plan, change, and carry out multiple choice tests over the internet. construct and accumulate as many question banks as you require and arrange them according to the subject, chapter etc. Assign marking methods to questions; your test may include many types of questions and different marking methods. The online MCQ test maker can also be used to create test paper containing many types of questions, including:

  • True or false
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Column Matching
  • Theoretical
  • Comprehension Passage
  • Diagram making
  • Alpha-numeric

The questions you comprise may also include formulae, equations, pictures, and diagrams. And the best part is you can also create multi-lingual tests, if the test is to be conducted for a large number of students from a variety of areas.The online multiple choice test maker also appears with the question shuffling aspect – a suitable means to avoid malpractices by creating a set of many unique question papers bearing the same questions, but in different orders. The desktop variant of online multiple choice test maker is available as Module C of the Addmen OMR software for an reasonable price. Since its introduction in the market, the software has redeemed many academic bodies and institutional exam committees of the tedious paperwork and terrific efforts otherwise involved in the exam process.

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