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Addmen Question Bank software includes a question paper generator that enables you to generate question papers. Following are some important fact you need to know about this test generator software. Test Maker is not limited to MCQ tests or multiple choice question and answers. It can handle all type of questions with or without options. This includes multiple choice, theory, fill in the blank, numerical, true or false, diagram making, column matching and common passage type questions. This software also allows to you to include diagrams, formulas, equations and pictures along with the questions. This software also supports generation of bilingual test papers.

We enter the questions and answers in the word files. We call them Question Resource files or QR files. We can create any number of Question Bank files in our computer. These files can be indexed by the question bank software. Any number of questions can be stored in a Question Resource (QR) word file, provided the file does not become too heavy for the convenient working of the operator. Though you can maintain subject wise files, but it is always convenient to maintain topic wise files. Subject wise files may become too heavy to open and edit so it is better to keep files small with around 200 questions. In the Addmen Question Paper Generator software we do not store the questions in a database like Excel or Access etc. because it is not possible to store diagrams and equations in tables.  we enter and store the question data in Word ( .DOC or .DOCX ) files. So that we can store question content of any type containing diagrams, equations, formulas or scanned images. This makes the software convenient and easy to use.

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  1. Ryan K. Brown says:

    Addmen OMR Software is by far the most effective exam solution we have come across since the establishment of our third Coaching Institute in Pune. With a convenient software solution for conducting mock entrance exams and monthly aptitude tests, our job as to evaluating a group of 600+ candidates and preparing them for the upcoming academic challenges is no more a hard nut to crack.

    Ryan K. Brown – Academic Administration

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