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Here is a brief guide to Question Bank Software that is used to generate MCQ tests along with different types of questions like fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, true or false, column matching, theory, numerical, diagram making or common passage type questions. We enter the questions and answers in the word files. We call them Question Resource files or QR files. We create our filters and property tags in the Question bank software, and allocate these tags references to the questions in the QR files. Question text is stored in word files but its properties and classification information is stored in Question Bank Software database.

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In the Addmen Question Paper Generator software we do not store the questions in a database like Excel or Access etc. because it is not possible to store diagrams and equations in tables. So we enter and store the question data in Word (.DOC or .DOCX ) files. So that we can store question content of any type containing diagrams, equations, formulas or scanned images. This means that the Addmen software for generation of question banks is very convenient to use and we can create any number of Question Bank files in our computer.

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  1. Adam T. Bowerman says:

    Addmen OMR software is a great way to cut down on all the costs associated with the exam process and to facilitate OMR tests conducted across multiple locations. Say goodbye to machine based solutions and reward your exam committee with the simplest and the most convenient of all OMR solutions available in the market today.

    Adam T. Bowerman – Managing Director

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