Boon to Educational Institutions

Addmen is one of the leading companies in providing IT solutions. Computer and internet today have revolutionized the manner in which we work. This age is so advanced that there is an answer to everything to everyone, it’s just the matter of sitting on the computer and checking the internet.

Advancement in today’s age is evident with the question and answer software by Addmen. This software is an amazingly developed one, where there is no hassle of going through pages of the book and penning down questions and answers one by one. With Addmen’s question bank software, one can simply create a question resources word file by listing question in a word document, allocate properties to the questions and create your well organized question bank. Next comes making question papers, with the question paper making software you can very easily create question papers. Now the prepared question bank which is in the word doc file will be used to create chapter wise or topic wise questions. Once your question bank is made it is very easy to create question papers using that same content in the question bank file. There is also an option to create MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) using the multiple choice quiz maker. Addmen’s question bank software and test making software prove to be a boon to the schools tuitions classes, colleges and universities by reducing the workload and simplifying things.

This is one of the best overall examination software that best helps in preparing question bank and question papers. With preparing these become easy, a lot of time is also saved at the same time, which can be utilized in preparing the children for their tests and examinations.

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  1. George A. Armstrong says:

    Addmen OMR Software is by far the most effective exam solution we have come across since the establishment of our third Coaching Institute in Pune. With a convenient software solution for conducting mock entrance exams and monthly aptitude tests, our job as to evaluating a group of 600+ candidates and preparing them for the upcoming academic challenges is no more a hard nut to crack.

    George A. Armstrong – Sr. HR Manager.

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