New Age Online Ways!

The Addmen online test maker software is very useful for undertaking online tests. In today’s age online tests/exams are very common in various fields. Many entrance exams, term exams, final exams are all undertaken online.

The software for online exams is very useful and has an easy to use interface. The idea of online exams is an excellent one because this saves a lot of time of the faculty as well as of students since they will be typing the exam on the computer. It gives instant analysis and results for immediate outcomes. This web based exam software creates an actual online computer test environment which the student will finally face in online test exam. The working of the online test software is as simple as ABC, you just have to add a link on you website for the online tests and this link will directly be directed to the page where the online test is running. The online test appears to be a part of your website with the name and logo or the institution attached, Addmen will be completely invisible. You can also put a link up there for online registrations where the student applicants can register themselves online. Payment gateway options are also available in the software. Many braches, courses and batches can also be added. There is also an option for the students to download the test paper and appear for the exam offline and submit it when done.

Finally when the exams are done, there is also an option for online test results to be generated with complete analysis and ranking with addition to this there is also an offline OMR test results which can be compiled with the online test results on the website of the institution.

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