Learning Management Software – One Step towards the Smart way of Learning.

Enhanced Campus Automation Software

These days many educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities and coaching organizations are venturing towards the shrewd methods for learning through mechanized educational  software. In this focused world where technology is utilized to upgrade each human experience, instructive establishments would prefer not to fall behind in developing new ways of learning. Enhanced Campus Automation Software is one such learning management software which utilizes most recent technology to encourage advanced methods for learning to create general aptitudes and capacities of students. Let’s see how  Enhanced Campus Automation Software  can be utilized as the best learning management software by instructive foundations.

  • Most important advantage of this software is that you can manage the test administration. Tests can be characterized and made for a course through ECAS. Test span and its expiry period can be set for these tests.
  • Test results and answer key can be seen by the candidate instantly after test if permitted by the manager. Graphical analysis reports and test analysis reports are accessible for better comprehension of student’s performance.
  • Learning Management software also provides the candidate interface. So that students will be able to download the study material, test schedules, practice sheets and assignments for home work. Students can upload the solved test sheets by downloading the test sheets.
  • Feedback questionnaires will be offered online for students to comprehend the performance of management from student’s point of view.
  • Completed syllabus and pending topics can be observed course-wise, subject-wise, faculty wise, and so on through ECAS by staff as well as students online.

Enhanced Campus Automation software has incorporated all these learning modules in one software and made it one of the most excellent learning management software.

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