OMR Software Saves Time and Workforce

Entrance exams are required for various educational courses as well as for recruitment. Thousands of people participate in these exams every year. Due to the enormity of the exams, most of these question papers are multiple choice questions where the examinees have to mark the right answer amongst the given options. While this makes it easy for the examinee, checking each and every answer is an ordeal for the examiner or paper-corrector. This is where the OMR sheets and OMR software come into picture.

OMR Software

The OMR software is a technology that can identify dark marks on a paper. The software compares the answers of every student with the key answer sheet and calculates the mark accordingly. All one has to do is scan the OMR answer sheets and upload the digital sheets in the computer which has the OMR software. Once you select the folder that has to be read and provide the ‘Read’ command, the software does it work. The introduction of OMR software has been able to save time as well as the effort of the workforce considerably.

High Speed: The OMR software reads the scanned OMR sheets at a high speed. If your computer has an excellent configuration, the software can read at least three sheets in one second. In short, thousands of sheets can be read within minutes. On the other hand, if the answers have to be checked by a human paper corrector, it would take days to complete even a hundred. The high speed of the OMR software definitely saves a lot of time.

Accuracy: Human beings tend to make mistakes, especially when there are so many papers to correct. However, the OMR software cannot make any mistake. So, when you receive the results, you can be assured that they are 100% correct. There is no need for checking the papers again.

Duplicate Form and Field: In certain cases, there may be descrepencies in the way an OMR sheet is filled. The student or examinee may have filled more than one answer bubble or may not have filled the bubble completely. The software would specify such forms at the end of the completion of reading all the sheets. If the software finds two identically-filled sheets, this would also be brought to notice. In short, the OMR software makes the effort of copying or other type of manipulation really futile.

Report Making: Apart from checking and analyzing the answers, the OMR software also helps in creating reports. Yes, within seconds, the entire report of a candidate can be created using the OMR software. The software has the ability to create merit lists using various layouts. Progress charts, graphical reports, statistical reports, analytical reports, etc. can be easily created with the help of this software. In short, an examiner or technical person does not have to spend hours on the computer to design and create report cards of students or examinees.

Due to the quick and efficient technology of the OMR software, it helps in saving time and workforce in an effective manner. It is surely a boon for educational institutions and organizations that handle recruitment and such other examinations.

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