Simplify Admission process with Enhanced Campus Automation System

Now you don’t have to depend on admission form for applicants’ information for admission procedure. Addmen group’s enhanced campus automation system has made admission process easy for all learning organization. This system has number of different modules which admission process easy and efficient. The admission module has various fields which contains personal information of the student, classes interested in, and details of eligibility, photographs etc. All this information is saved in software making it simple to view the information whenever necessary

Numerous other organizational works can be completed using ECAS. It has a capability of producing ID cards by taking the information of the applicants in its database. There are numerous layouts of the ID cards offered in the software. One can select a particular layout, modify it and make ID cards for the candidates. One can easily print these Identity cards

This software is designed to speed up the admission process and make the students information available in centralized place for future reference. This software is good for huge grouping of foundation that has numerous schools/colleges or several departments

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