Question paper generator software

Addmen group offer examination management software those are having multiple feature like question paper generation, question paper checking. It can handle different exam related activity. Question paper generator software is one of the best software. In this software there is bunch of questions out of this at time of exam it will drive one by one question to the user the student who appear for this exam. Addmen group present QPG question paper generator software features components in the business sector these are basically useful for the new client the individuals who have not seen this sort of software. The questions are selected randomly from the question bank stored in the software. You can modify the question sequence as per the requirement. The questions can be sorted according to marks allotted to each question. Many sets of question paper can be created by using the Question paper generator software.

You can not only generate or create a question paper but you can print the question paper once you finalize the question paper. Now a days many exam have various sets of question paper like set A, set B, etc. This software helps you create sets of question paper which can be printed as per sets selected. This helps in prevention of any human error while creating the question paper. Many additional features are available in this software. To know more about this software visit our Website:  Admen QPG


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