Use of ink or gel pen

The OMR sheet requires the candidate or student to read the question and mark their answer on the sheet by shading the bubble with a dark pencil or pen. It is important for the shading to be really dark as only then the OMR software will be able to read the mark and evaluate it. When it comes to the use of pen on an OMR sheet, you can use either black or blue colored pen. Moreover, it is best to use a ball-point pen as it does not leak. However, many have doubts on the use of ink or gel pen on the OMR sheet. Let us find out the answer.

Can ink or gel pen be used on OMR sheet?

In case of an ink pen, the answer to the above question would be no. Ink pens have the tendency to leak and blot. This can ruin your OMR sheet and cause you to lose marks. Hence, it is best to avoid the use of ink pens.

On the other hand, a gel pen can be used on an OMR sheet. However, you have to be careful about certain things. If you are using the gel pen, make sure that it dries fast. You also have to ensure that the ink does not seep into the other side of the page and ruin it. Try the gel pen prior to the exam to check whether it causes smudging or creates impressions on the paper.

So, avoid the use of ink pen and use gel pen only if you do not have a ball-point pen.



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