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Frequently Asked Questions on OMR Software

How long this software has been in the market ?

This software is in the market since last 12 years. It is the first successful software based OMR solution. Before the development of this software there were OMR companies who were selling OMR Scanning Machines. This OMR machine based technology was very costly and had its limitations. But development and availability of Addmen OMR Software has made the OMR system very popular amongst masses. The sale of OMR machines is almost stopped. The companies that were earlier selling the OMR Machine based solution have improvised there solution to sell OMR Softwares. However the other softwares are not as efficient and popular as Addmen OMR Softwares.

Where has this OMR software been implemented ?

Addmen OMR Softwares are used by around 3000 users in small and big Institutions in India. Our users range from small coaching classes to IITs & IIMs. Our softwares have satisfied users in about 300 cities in India and 15 other countries. Click on this link to have a glimpse of our client list.

What are the major educational Institutes where this software is being used?

To name a few this Addmen OMR software is being used in the top most educational institutions in the country like : IIT Delhi, IIM Indore, BITS Pilani, SP Jain college of Management, more than 50 Universities or National Level Institutes. Besides these big and government Institutions, Addmen OMR is also used in more than 1500 coaching institutes which include big brands like Resonance, Allen and Eduwave from Kota, Mahesh Tutorials and IITians pace from Mumbai and many others in various cities.

Are the Addmen OMR users satisfied?

A feature rich user friendly product and a dedicated support mechanism is the reason of our growth because generally OMR companies have strong marketing but weak support system. In such cases, they might grow quickly but it is difficult to maintain a good name and satisfied users for long time. On the other hand Addmen has much larger support team than its marketing team. Our satisfied users have helped us to gradually and consistently grow in last 12 years by references and word of mouth. Clientèle of Addmen is larger than clientèle of all the OMR companies put together. This is an indicator that Addmen OMR Users are satisfied users. Click Here for Reviews and Feedback.

What are the support arrangements?

Addmen OMR has succeeded partly because of its exceptional product quality and partly because of the excellent support arrangements we have at the back-end. There is a proper ticket system so that all issues and support requests are attended in due turn and smaller issues do not get skipped due to human negligence. Each support request is given a support Ticket number for your reference. The support ticket system help us organise and redirect the support request to appropriate support executive so that there is no wastage of time and efficiency in providing you support. There are also 3 levels of support executives 1) the executive who provides basic installation and operational training; 2) the executive who attends to operational issues and typical requirements 3) executives who attend to customisation requests.

All Addmen softwares have the phone number and Skype ID of the corresponding support team mentioned on the main screen of the software. There are well defined support timings and procedures for Indian users, however the overseas users have been given a privilege of 24x7 support. Click Here for Support.

How to get OMR Software ? Do I have to buy the software online or can I get it locally?

You can get the OMR Software in the form of CD or you can download it from Addmen website. Getting the software is not a big issue. But since this is a licensed software, so each user must have the license key. License key is given in the form of USB dongle or Softkey. The license key in either case is provided directly by the company. Sometimes users find themselves more comfortable in buying the software from their local vendor. There is no hassle in doing so. Software can be purchased from the local vendor and the payment can be made to the vendor or company directly. In either case the company shall provide you license and support for the software.

If I buy the Addmen OMR from a local reseller, will I get support?

You can buy the software directly from the the company or from one of the resellers close to you. Even if you buy the software from a reseller, is the responsibility of Addmen to provide you training and technical support. So there are no hassles from where you get the OMR software. If it is Addmen Software we will provide you technical support.

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