OMR Form Design

OMR forms are used as they can be read and processed by the OMR software, and as it eliminates the need for checking each form manually. OMR forms like admission forms, application forms, survey forms, feedback forms, etc. have lot of content, filled by a large group of people. This makes it difficult to check each form and transfer the content manually by typing or writing. Errors are likely to occur in these cases. On the other hand, the OMR form reader software reads the OMR forms and transfers the entire data into Excel sheets.

OMR Form Design Features

In short, the OMR form designing process is no longer a tough task. You do not need any expert help for designing OMR forms. However, you will receive some training in the beginning to understand the process. Even after this, the Addmen technical team will always provide support and help you when you get stuck during the designing process.