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OMR Design Features

The OMR sheet design software is a part of the OMR software. You do not have to buy this software separately. When you buy the OMR answer sheet checker or the OMR form reader software, you automatically get the chance to use the inbuilt sheet designing module. The advent of the OMR sheet designing software has simplified the process of OMR sheet designing. The Addmen OMR software has several design features. Let us take a look at them.

Layouts and Formats



Advance Version

Besides the above mentioned OMR design features that are present in the standard OMR software version, the advanced version provides something extra:

Server Backup

Another OMR design feature is that you are free to print the OMR sheets on your own. Once you have designed the sheet and customized it, plug your printer to the computer and get the printouts. . You can use any type of printer: laser or inkjet printer, offset printer, or even a photocopier for taking photocopies of an OMR sheet.

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