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OMR Sheet Designer

The Addmen OMR software has made the OMR sheet designing process quite simple. Earlier, sheet designing was a tedious task as the sheets had to be first designed in CorelDraw and then scanned at a high resolution to calibrate the location of the bubbles in the OMR system. This was a lengthy and time consuming procedure. Moreover, it was not always accurate as it would depend on the skills and knowledge of the OMR sheet designer. However, the introduction of OMR software has changed the process of OMR sheet designing completely.

OMR Sheet Design Software

The OMR software possesses an inbuilt facility that helps you to design different types of OMR sheets. This OMR sheet designer software comes integrated into the OMR answer sheet checker and OMR form reader. You do not have to pay extra money to buy the OMR sheet designing software.

OMR Sheet Design Features

OMR Design with Alphanumeric Block

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